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  1. I have similar issue, my turret can turn but reticle constantly freeze at a point. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  2. it's originally WG's second sixth-sense sound. I cut the noise at beginning and speed up the whole to make it more compact. you can preview it below sixthSense.mp3
  3. thanks for the reply! RavioliGameTools is a wwise extractor isn't it? the files I got after extraction are .ogg and .wwise_a. and you can use a small tool in RavioliGameTools to covert .wwise_a some software can only extract .ogg from it. (e.g Wwise-Unpacker-1.0,WoT, WoWS, WoWP Extraction Tools ) and shows error messages when encountering .wwise
  4. I got it.....it's in audioww.pkg/gui.bnk you need RavioliGameTools_v2.9 to unzip it, and use wwise_ima_adpcm to convert it to .wav super complicated...
  5. NOT asking for the way of changing sixth sense sound, I need the default sound files. I want to edit the original sound. I've tried decompressing the audioww.pkg under /res/pakages, can't find it. anybody knows where it is?
  6. Aerci

    Low FPS with 9.17 modpacks

    Ok, I found something. I turned minimap label off (minimap.xc->labelsEnable->false) I got clear instant fps buff (more stable) After 15 games, I got no fps drop ! This might not be a universal solution and still need more test. but anyone who is facing fps issue should give it a try. - this is weird because, last year, I excluded minimap from being the cause. at that time I turned minimap off in aslain's installer. this time I install xvm manually and turn map label off in config.
  7. Aerci

    Low FPS with 9.17 modpacks

    The problem persists. Fps starts with 12X and drops to 6X after 10 games. However, I found if I deselect all xvm options in installation. and dump Quickybaby's xvm mod into mod folder. I will still have xvm working but without fps drop.
  8. Aerci

    Low FPS with 9.17 modpacks

    yeah it's probably stats I turned of XVM minmaps (except centered minimap function) after about 1~2 hours gameplay the FPS droped again.
  9. Aerci

    Low FPS with 9.17 modpacks

    not OTM, I never use that. so it must be stats, minimap.
  10. Aerci

    Low FPS with 9.17 modpacks

    can you tell me which section of xvm exactly? there are many functions like player stats, minimap , hitlog... which part was causing that problem?
  11. looks like this from left to right is win rate(w/ color), player name, vehicle name(w/ color), vanilla vehicle icon. is this possible? Cheers
  12. Aerci

    Reload Indicator Circle

    Or Design a mod that only indicate a enemy is firing? according to the policy, indicates a enemy is reloading is illegal. I assume make enemy fire more visible is not illegal (e.g enemy markers flash once when firing )
  13. I've found that "Info panel" mod (first one) does not work. "Info panel extended" sometimes disappear early when pointing directly at enemies (it should be shown 10s as default) and sometimes it just does not show and need to move the crosshair back to enemy multiple times to let it work. Cheers, Keep up the good work!
  14. Aerci

    Zoom problems

    I still have the same problem. It made no difference after doing what you suggested to do :(
  15. after installed the other ZJ mod. it works again. https://yadi.sk/d/BuLwWEl0k9FKm <-this file

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