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  1. El_Gran_Capitan

    Does not detect the client

    Hello. Control captures both the installation mode and the zone (Europe) Salu2 P.D: Hello again, located the bug Aslain the "Download link #2 [direct] " did not recognize the client, ProE another link and works smoothly, sorry for the inconvenience., Greetings
  2. El_Gran_Capitan

    Does not detect the client

    Hello. The game I have installed in Full mode, for the European zone, never gave me problems, until yesterday wargaming launched its last update. Because when you install the game and run it it stays on the load screen. Salu2
  3. El_Gran_Capitan

    Does not detect the client

    Hi., With the latest update WoWs, I proceed to install Aslain, but when it comes to the screen to select what I install, tells me that the client has not been detected. However when I install the Aslain on WoT if I detect the client. Could help me.Thanks Salu2
  4. El_Gran_Capitan

    Minimap and Recharge key warning

    Hi.. In previous versions , there was a possibility when the left Control key was pressed , you got in minimap in the middle of the game. And before when the " C " key was pressed warned time to recharge your team . Because now in this version of the mod, leaves no such option . It will be implemented in the next update¿ Thanks
  5. Hi.. I tried the download " - eu mirror # 2" and so far worked quite well , I have not had any problems that I mentioned in a previous post .. have if the of "eu mirror # 1" is bad .. hope that after posting this not begins to fail again thanks and sorry for the post , greetings.. Good Job ..
  6. Hi Again.. I add: - Disappears the spotlight - Will not let you write in chat I had to unistall the mod, because it is impossible to play.. Regards
  7. Hi.. I have the same problem since upgrade to the latest version of mod .. - After several battles not let me select other ships . - Let me not mark on the minimap. - I have to leave the game to get it working again , but in a couple of games back again. I uninstalled the mod several times , I've cleared the cache of the game and then I went back to install and continues to failure.. (sry for my english) Regards..

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