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  1. for use on a Mac

    oh I don't think that will work Crappy that is the wine folder and not the game folder. The mod should be in the game folder which is is in Z:\Users\franco\documents\WoT that should be the location you install the modpack to, not the wine folder in application support. added 2 minutes later ignore the image in this post it was a mistake and I cannot remove images for some reason
  2. for use on a Mac

    Yes it doesn't show for some reason, you need to put the full address in unfortunately So click finder down the bottom left of your screen it opens up and shows you. now you have your username put that in to the location address in aslains installer as the picture below shows you you need to type the full address it won't find it with a browse unfortunately. NO spaces ignore image below please remove Aslain.
  3. for use on a Mac

    Hi Crappy_1 So your location should be Z:\Users\username\documents\WoT The username is in the finder next to the home icon username Hope that helps
  4. Hi Aslain, great work on the pack ! just one problem I still have the issue of downloading julie voice pack on my mac. freshly downloaded the mod pack installer 5 minutes ago.
  5. Hi all I have had Julie voice mod ticked since before 9.16 and it hasn't worked for ages I thought it may have just been the mod not updated but it does work in the samples. I have the standard voice ticked my my setting menu not international I am not sure which one to have or what the problem is.
  6. block letters in game

    lol sadly that is a common mistake windows users make all the time.. Mac can use windows programmes with out any modification to the files sometimes we need a emulator or a virtual machine. The most common one is Parallels but there is wine (wine is a acronym for: Wine Is No Emulator http://winebottler.kronenberg.org) and others. We can run office and other microsoft programmes with no modification at all like if you emailed me a .word or .xcel I would just open it and use, edit, return it or what ever with out any super duper windows cross mac programs but unfortunately windows won't allow you to do that if I sent you a mac pages (word equivilent) or numbers(excel equivalent) windows would have a hissy fit and just fail. I did ask Aslain to try and just send the file in split form not packed in a .exe file, but now I see why he couldn't there is sooo many different aspects to his modpack that would have been a night mare. I was assuming it was something like Quickybaby's modpack which is just a few thing packed neatly and just copy and paste. So Apologies to Aslain for that misunderstanding.
  7. block letters in game

    no I'm using the wrapper that WoT recommends but that folder was created when I used wine to install Aslains modpack
  8. block letters in game

    in my game folder: Documents/world_of_tanks/_fonts_for_Aslains_Modpack I can only find one file called XVMSymbol_22.0.ttf and in /Users/moyzie/Wine Files/drive_c/windows/Fonts is another I have deleted this one Before I came back here to see your reply. I have just deleted the modpack via the uninstall.exe file and in my fresh install I have, now I have not used Aslain's panels but have used the XVM panel. and it is working fine. But I would prefer to have Aslains panels I do like the layout in the preview pictures.
  9. Ok I think I am more prepared this time for you Aslain lol I have opened the game in safe mode and everything worked well. no problems with the text at all I have a couple of screen shots of the team game loading screen and then in game also all the letters are blocks. attached are log.zip and python log _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  10. Hi Aslain I am actually having a similar problem with the XVM it is just blocks and not showing any thing except coloured blocks with the I don't know what logs you require but I will post as many as I can find here hehe.. WoTLauncher.cfg _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log _Aslains_Installer.log xvm.log python.log _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf
  11. for use on a Mac

    your welcome mate!
  12. for use on a Mac

    Hey Aslain, I found a remedy to my problem here, I can use the mod through a program called "Wine Bottler" it is very simple to use and it is a free program that allows the installation of your mod pack through your Mod.exe file. if you want to post some thing on your site here for other Mac users that want to use you modpack I will link the site and a small install brief below download the wine bottler app from this link and install the dmg file http://winebottler.kronenberg.org step 1 download you mod as per normal and people can find it is in their downloads folder in finder then they need to right click it as in pic "asliains modpack install 1.png" step 2 They then need to select the open with and then select wine(ver...) see "aslains modpack install 2.png step 3 they need to click the run directly in and use the drop down menu in the wine window select " users/......../Wine Files " and then click GO. see "Aslains modpack 3.png" Step 4 When they open your installer they do need to select the folder that world of tanks is in because windows default location is not the same as mac os. Which is usually in finder/documents. thats it it will run your mod pack as you have designed it to and it will install the mod perfectly
  13. for use on a Mac

    thank you for the reply Aslain, You don't have to learn how the mac works or learn mac language you just need to put the mod pack up un packed. as in not inside a .exe file. This is a common mis-conception that you need to learn mac language for wargaming.net games. Because the mac can use windows files but just not in a .exe package, the individual folders/files can be used because of a program that mac's use to read windows files. Macs can use nearly all windows files and with out any special programs, apps or modifications, unfortunately it is not so for windows PC's, if we mac users want to really go windows we can use a parallels, virtual machine or wine (windows emulators) to run games and programmes but those over time can over heat your mac and eventually damage your processor. There is now a thing called wrappers that allow us mac users to run games on our macs with out any modification to the game files at all regardless on what language they were written in. I will look for a unpacker app if I can find one I would really like to use your mod. Moyzie.
  14. for use on a Mac

    Hi Aslain, I see you Modpack used by Bolagnaise on WoT's a lot on his twitch stream and like the look and ease he uses your modpack. I have downloaded the pack from your suggested sites and it is packed in a .exe format is there a way you can just make the patch folder, configs and mods folders available for download in a zip file for us Mac users? We all now use in world of tanks and world of warships the mac wrapper which allows us to play world of tanks and warships with out running wine or parallels, which are windows simulators of sorts. So there is no need to convert the script the files are written in to mac format we can just use it as it is but no need for the installer .exe file So if you can just create a zip file of just the patch folder, or what ever it is, configs folder, and mods folder we can just download that and then extract and paste into our world of tanks res_mods folder and voulah!!!!! we have your modpack