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  1. I just signed into both of my xvm accounts and my main account still has 12 days to go before renewing and my second junior account had to be re-activated. I updated the stats on my main account and activated and updated the junior account. I then logged into WOT and still am not getting the player records on the battle introduction screen and no WIN8 win percentage. I am getting the in-battle WIN8 and efficiency calculations showing on the in-battle screen and the cumulative WIN8 results are showing on the Yeasen battle results summary I am using from your modpack.
  2. Where are the logs saved? OK, sorry for the confusion, I figured it out finally. Duh! Anyway, here is the log you program generated. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. I am using a new PC and copied all the mod pack settings from my old PC when i first installed the latest updates. I cannot get the player ratings to show on the battle loading screen or when I hit tab when in battle. I am also unable to see the XVM potential win % in battle. I checked and my XVM is up to date and activated. What am I missing? Also, I am now on Windows 10 and if I choose the preview window on the installer, I cannot proceed as the next/install buttons no longer appear on the dialog box. Thanks.

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