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  1. Wulfgarn

    Unable to see X mod on mini-map

    reinstalled the game and Aslains. Whatever the issue I was having, it's now fixed. Thanks for you help with this!
  2. Wulfgarn

    Unable to see X mod on mini-map

    Yeah, if he has a few to look at it, I'd appreciate it. I don't want him to spend too much time on it if I'm the only one though. I did another uninstall via Windows, and ran the integrity check via (old) updater. I "only" turned on the two I always use under mini-map and still no joy. In battle, I clicked everything off one by one under the cog menu above the mini map.
  3. Wulfgarn

    Unable to see X mod on mini-map

    Yes, I have that one checked. I actually have them all checked during this test. That crossed my mind as well, maybe there was something on or off on that menu. The video I posted above I went through clicking each one individually to test, but it didn't seem to help. Pretty weird.
  4. Wulfgarn

    X marks the spot

    Done! I was mainly worried that I didn't have something turned on correctly, so i wanted to be sure before I posted in the bug section. Thanks for the help!
  5. Hi there, For some reason, I can't see the X on the mini-map for my aiming. I followed everything by the book per your, "how to". Deleted Aslains modpack via Windows. Ran the "check registry" (old installer) Everything looked clean in the res_mods folder. I installed v. again and still no joy. I have enclosed the logs file per instructions. This video shows the issue, list of the mods that I'm using, and the modpack build. Sound doesn't play until I click on the WOWS window in that recording, so be prepared that you don't have your speakers turned up thinking there's no sound. Hope you are feeling better, and thanks! Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  6. Wulfgarn

    X marks the spot

    I just wanted to check again and make sure that running these two "will" enable the X mod? https://imgur.com/a/KPaBX I deleted Aslains via windows, and ran the integrity check through WOWS (old) installer. With everything clean, I installed _v., but I still don't see it. I wanted to make sure before I headed over to the "issues and bug reporting" section. I appreciate the help!
  7. Wulfgarn

    X marks the spot

    Yeah, it's pretty weird on my end. i don't see anything running what I've shown. Maybe there some sort of issue on my end. I'm updated to _v.
  8. Wulfgarn

    X marks the spot

    It must be something else, or one of those I don't have installed. I've ran this since it first came out and I've never seen it. https://imgur.com/a/KPaBX I'll look around and see if anyone knows.
  9. Wulfgarn

    X marks the spot

    I can't seem to find this mod in the recent pack. What is its name and location?
  10. Wulfgarn

    Not able to play the game at all (SOLVED)

    Mine did something similar when only loading contours.
  11. Same thing here. The only one that will show panels is the one by DeceasedDaisy. If i use any others, nothing shows up at all. I also unchecked everything and tried to log in with just "some" of the panels and WOWS gets stuck at the login screen. Log zip included.. _Aslain_logs.zip

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