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  1. In hanger per tank MOE %

    There is no solution till wargaming fixes the issue
  2. Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v.9.20.1_01.exe Failed - Server problem http://aslain.harmless.hu/Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v.9.20.1_01.exe
  3. Game Result

    My battle results window worked....
  4. AMX M4 49 missing from carousel

    It's not like I play low tier tanks a lot so it's never been that big of an issue, I only said something cause it was brought up. Never seen any errors in my python log when it happens either. Like I said I will when I get a chance if it happens again get screenshots and show you.
  5. There was changes to the tech tree from today's update that need to be addressed in the tech tree mods. Namely the british and american lights
  6. AMX M4 49 missing from carousel

    Again I have looked, not in reserve cannot even check or uncheck them from the carousel cause even when I have to go to my depot to get them to show in my garage they still don't show on the carousel...... Like really I do know how to use the filters and carousel lol None of this has to do with reserve....... They just simply don't show in the carousel. When I get a chance to I will get a screenshot to show you.
  7. AMX M4 49 missing from carousel

    I guess I misread... And yes, not a I'm by far not a noob and know how to use the filters...... When I go back and buy a lower tier like tier 1 or 2 I have to go to the depot and select view in garage, it's very odd but run in safe mode and they are there.
  8. AMX M4 49 missing from carousel

    He never set it as reserve and it's still not set as reserve..... I have the same problem with a few of the lower tier tanks, they are not set as reserve too and still no not show in the carousel. It's a strange bug indeed but not one that bugs me too much.
  9. win 8 xvm

    Also XVM and other sites read your WN8 differently from each other because they cannot agree to which standard they want to gather and read the stats from players' that send them the info. WN8 is no longer an exact science and now a debatable standard in which to determine a players skill.
  10. Uninstall Aslains after WoT help

    Yeah it's weird that it's still there and windows isn't asking to remove it from the list, which can suggest that there is a file somewhere. installing the installer to a random folder and then using the uninstall feature may or may not work.
  11. Uninstall Aslains after WoT help

    Then I suggest opening up your computer and searching for any files and applications related to Aslains and just delete them, then restart your computer, should not be there anymore after restarting your computer.
  12. Uninstall Aslains after WoT help

    When uninstalling don't use the windows programs and features to do it, open the world of tanks file location and find the aslain uninstaller and use that instead, it will remove everything.
  13. Cause of game crash found

    Maybe I can...... Windows only allocates at the start a set number and is supposed to automatically adjust if you use a little more than it's set number, that set number is well to put it in simple terms a pretty modest number and no Quaksen is not RAM dependant, it actually uses your hard drive as if it was ram. But a user with enough knowledge can increase that number.
  14. I find that odd considering I use both mods and never had a problem, both installed correctly. Maybe try and check all the boxes for clean modpack install and delete contents of dlc folder and see how that works out for you or try switching to the trajectory mod as it's less intensive on your hardware
  15. Bug in ExtraAimInfo

    Try selecting Delete old mods on the installer