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  1. Bug in ExtraAimInfo

    Try selecting Delete old mods on the installer
  2. Bug in ExtraAimInfo

    This was fixed a long time ago
  3. Peformance issues

    I completely missed that @Quaksen lol my bad. @steffenagermann when was the last time you dusted or blew out the cooling ports on your laptop? Is your laptop getting enough fresh airflow? Can you customize the fan speed for your GPU and CPU? Your laptop is running at 150F which is pretty warm for a laptop, CPU's have what's called a TJmax threshold which is normally around 180F. So as your system get's warmer your computer is going to throttle down to cool off if your computer's cooling solution isn't keeping your temps down to save it from frying the chip. Other things that could affect your computer's performance could be things like running background tasks that's eating up memory and cpu usage. If all the steps you listed above have failed then I would look into it. Another thing and I hate to say this because I know I hate having to do it is reinstall the game and run everything fresh. Sometimes files can get corrupted over time which isn't all that common but a possibility and can lead to performance issues as well. So hopefully something in this list of mine will help.
  4. Pmod penetration indicator

    A screenshot of it not working might help too
  5. Peformance issues

    Your system is running pretty warm which may lead to some throttling. Throttling will cause a performance issues. Are you playing on a laptop or desktop?
  6. No but I would like to get in contact with the mod author for not only this mod but a couple others as well
  7. I really wish I had a russian forum account or could manage to create one..... until then I am just patiently waiting for @Aslain to get better to fix this in the pack.
  8. @bubs79 Yeah everything is is russian and when I had it translated to english to figure out where to enable or disable something got messed up and I had errors like no other. I think I might have things the way I want except for damage logs which I just had to stick with using the in game ones for now. Hopefully Aslain will get better soon and be able to come back and fix this when he is better. Don't see why there isn't another person that has the ability to step in and take the reigns over for him when things like this comes up. added 1 minute later We just said how to make it work, it's gonna be a few weeks before he comes back. I have mine working including the chat.
  9. Ok so I redownloaded from that link and now my only problem is I have the damage log from Battle observer and the one I use from a different author from the modpack, how do I do away from the damage log from Battle observer?
  10. That's the author's site for the mod? or is that the download link?
  11. What is the direct link to the author site?
  12. Yeah I noticed though with that chat box that it works in tier 1,2,and 3 battles but not higher tier..... If I knew russian I would write the mod author. I haven't had a grand battle yet with it so I haven't been able to notice it...
  13. Just copy this to your mods/ folder and Battle observer will work correctly including the chat box again, just that simple, thanks @zzarac for finding this! REMINDER: This will have to be copied to your mods/ folder anytime you use the modpack installer to make changes to your mods list. polarfox.vxBattleFlash_1.5.1.wotmod
  14. Battle Observer

    Czy możesz być bardziej speecific? Zauważyłem, że istnieją dwa elementy, których używam w Battle Observer, które nie działają, nie wiem o resztkach elementów, które są z nim zainstalowane, może więc być trochę bardziej szczegółowe, na jakich częściach lub części nie działa.
  15. When you are aimed at a target the armor penetrator doesn't work and same with the chat box. I know it's that particular mod as it's the only thing I added back to my mod list with the latest pack update. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip