Attention: from 24th July to 10th August I will be in a very weak internet zone. It's unlikely that I'll release any updates in that time, I probably cannot provide any support either. Unless I find a strong signal on some mountain top. / Uwaga: od 24 Sierpnia do 10 lipca będę w strefie gdzie jest zbyt słaby internet żeby wypuszczać aktualizacje paczek. W tym czasie wsparcie z mojej strony będzie ograniczone. Przy odrobinie szczęścia może uda mi się znaleźć mocny sygnał, wtedy jest szansa na coś, ale nie obiecuję.


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  1. If you don't produce the logs then it would make it harder for @Aslain to point out what's causing the extra download size
  2. Hello I have been playing for about a week now. I found this site and your clan post. I had one question or ideal for you. Have you checked Discord?    It is free works on windows and Mac. (I think has away to connect with a phone.) Anyways, I figure I let you know about it, oh one small thing you have to send a link to your *"Discord Server" to someone's email.    Note*: Is just what they call it it isn't like trying to setup a TS server or running a server.




    PS. Let me know I can even help set it up for you.

    If you already have this covered delete this post or i can.

  3. This was brought up in another thread.......
  4. oh sorry I didn't read it I overlooked it thank you


  5. You need to provide your logs not the app that zips the logs for you......
  6. This problem has already been brought up and you forgot your logs.....
  7. This is an issue for the DLC server report it there, very first pinned subject in the bug and issues section
  8. You can edit your post and add the logs still, never too late
  9. It doesn't matter if the issue is in modpack 00 or 100, either way use a thread with the same problem to help cut out the extra work
  10. I don't have time spent but having the same problem, didn't with 03 but have it with 05. Has done it with every battle I've been in since I installed 05
  11. I uninstalled all the mods and modpack and reinstalled everything and it works now for me
  12. Well that's odd........
  13. here is mine
  14. I'm using only wargaming's premium port, wouldn't make a difference as it shows 1 side of the ship with the skin and the other side without. Very well could do with the mod being outdated. Could leave it or remove it, up to you