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  1. I uninstalled all the mods and modpack and reinstalled everything and it works now for me
  2. Well that's odd........
  3. here is mine Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  4. I'm using only wargaming's premium port, wouldn't make a difference as it shows 1 side of the ship with the skin and the other side without. Very well could do with the mod being outdated. Could leave it or remove it, up to you
  5. Same here and here is a couple screenshots with both sides of a ship. Do you want my logs too?
  6. it shows the damage done overall but not the individual ships that you did damage to and the ships that did damage to you and I have a modded_scripts_651.7z file
  7. Like I said, I removed the custom ports and never had the problem come back up, in fact the random crashes I was having with it are gone too. If however it comes back up, not that it has in 20+ battles so far I will try one of those and report back to you in this thread . BTW it takes more than just a few battles, 1-20 or so sometimes more, sometimes less for the problem to come up.
  8. Your guess? Based on what? I think you need to leave the computer tech stuff to the professionals like me who is a professional on computer hardware and repair. Also the card is brand new and have the most updated drivers and software running, and has so far been pretty flawless in everything I've thrown at it. Thank you bud. FYI I removed the custom ports and have yet had this problem come back up, not sure if they themselves need an update or they have a conflict with something else
  9. I never got an answer on this... Anyone have a clue?
  10. I keep getting a lot of red sky's this red battle loading screen, and red ports. It's not constant but it happens randomly. Have to close game and re-enter the game to get it to go away then it comes back at random. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  11. Went to get more campaigns going and when I get into that UI there is nothing there, I know I haven't completed all of them as I haven't played ships all that much lately Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  12. I think besides the goof up having the gold locked the biggest problem is that all the stuff already installed got removed after installing the modpack.... that shouldn't happen...... am i not correct?
  13. Glad you figured it out, I'm sure we can close this topic now
  14. This is odd cause out of all the mods I have I haven't had this problem come up at all on my spg's. I downloaded all 3 of your logs and compared to mine and the biggest difference I see that Aslain said would cause it is the gnomefathers gun sounds, the one thing I don't have installed, I can probably confirm this further if I install that mod and see if it changes anything but I would be willing to bet that it is the cause. Yes it's a sound mod, but it's very well possible that it might be affecting it in some way. Perhaps try removing the sound mod and see if it fixes it? @Aslain Not sure what spg's you have that might have been affected by the changes brought into the game by patch 9.18 but if any of the spg's you have that had the ap rounds would be the only ones that would be causing this problem for example the tier 10 american T92 I believe had AP rounds before 9.18 @bubs79 @Wolvenworks @Werner_von_Seitz maybe try telling Aslain what tanks you are using so he can use the same or a comparable one to test the theory as well. Just my thoughts on the whole problem
  15. I have hangman and no random crashes, in fact my random crashes happened to stop after 9.18 came out and a couple modpack updates from there. @Drunkleskyou could try this, might be a big pain in the butt but you can find the problem faster, uninstall all your mods, and go through and reinstall them 1 section at a time for example: -----------------[ Over Target Markers (OTM) ]------------------------------------- -------------------[ Panels & Windows (in-battle) ]-------------------------- ----------------------[ XVM Minimap ]----------------------------------------------- ----------------------[ Hitlog Settings ]--------------------------------------------- ect. ect. I hope you understand this is going to be a long process but significantly shorter than installing one mod at a time logging in the game getting a couple battles in to verify the problem exists still or not then getting out and doing it all over again. Once you start having the problem again then you know what section it is and then it's the process of 1 mod at a time till you find what's causing the crash