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  1. The one I see the most is Crew skill informer having issues, try removing that and see what happens
  2. lol
  3. Gotta remember that while gremlins may be to blame for a good 50+% of the problems we have mods are frequently updated and those updates especially with the last pack update may have had a simple fix.... I personally still blame the gremlins though
  4. Also if you don't have the perk it will not work. the commander in your crew must have 6th sense fully trained
  5. That would be awesome. I can't wait to see something that will work!
  6. Ok this is getting out of hand and there needs to be a solution. 10 minutes to download a 3MB DLC file? @Aslain Maybe it would be beneficial to just have a torrent source for the DLC files somewhere. It takes me 1/3 the time to get them from the torrent than it does waiting for the installer. The installer just had me limited to 72KBps on my latest download....
  7. As I stated above with the mods added it's gonna be normal as the mods consume system resources. Perhaps the change of the code wargaming used to make the game makes it more noticeable. if you are having 45-65 FPS then you really don't have a lot to worry about as the game is still really playable at that framerate
  8. Oh I didn't know you reverted them, I can try again and see if I do or not, but as of yesterday morning the answer is yes
  9. I am yes but I got the torrent file from Aslain and was able to apply it.
  10. Sounds like to me it's a hardware issue more than a software issue
  11. Still never hurts to check though.
  12. Well you had the problem fixed and now its not working again, weird and entirely frustrating. I have a strange question though.... if I was to download it through the torrent doesn't it still come from the same place?
  13. fail from the start, never got any bit of it downloaded
  14. My connection speed isn't slow, it's 60 Mbps........ All I know is it's a problem that was fixed before and is now not working as it was....