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  1. blake690

    battle shell cooldown buttons mod

    It changes the grapic for the buttons at the bottom of the screen for shells and equipment in game. It increases the size a bit but it also changes the size of the text over the buttons so it's larger and lighter, making it easier to read. Right now the text is very small, black and can be difficult to see. Had the same problem with the mini map coordinate text until I learned how to change the color and size.
  2. blake690

    battle shell cooldown buttons mod

    Will they be added? I haven't seen it in any of the latest updates.
  3. Are they going to be added at any point?
  4. Game loaded and worked fine for first 3 or 4 matches then crashed to desktop. It had been working ok up through yesterday (10/29) with previous version modpack. Used mods cleanup tool and updated to modpack .. Tried reloading game and it crashes to desktop before log in screen is complete. Used mod cleanup tool again and game runs fine without modpack. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  5. I get to the log in screen and when I hit the Connect button, I get a a message saying 'could not connect to servers'. I used the nifty mods cleaner tool and removed the modpack. Game started and ran fine after that.

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