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  1. Reloadtime Info Arty shot from ekspoint

    Thank you, that was it what i like to hear. i have say him that i use aslain modpack and there all mods legal and its on wg site to see.
  2. Hello, in you modpack (ekspoint) there is a point where i can tell team that arty have shot on me with info from reloadtime. is this realy legal ???? someone in last match say its an cheat, to know reloadtime.
  3. Comes crosshair damocles

    hi, comes crosshair damocles back? thx
  4. when i change v9.22.0.1 #17 (09-03-2018):- updated session stats: TimeSpent to annother session stats than it works. in version #16 timespent works, since update in #17 its not work. so there is an error in this update from timespent. regards
  5. Hi, so now i update the computer in work. and same problem. take server eu1 or 2. click on connection. looks all right, but no hanger comes after load, i'm in loginscreen too and than i get answer, you are disconnected from server.. @Aslain, i send you PN with video-file there you can see it. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. After the update to Version #17 i can click connect on loginscreen, than normal load, and when its ready to finish login and the hanger must come im too in the login screen. when i connect again it says me, i was disconnected from server. when i close game i must kill the wot.exe in taskmanager. start game again, and same problem. when i delete the folder in res_mods\9.22.... i can play game without mods. i have now DL the old versoin #16 install it, and i can login in game and all works so its an error in #17 Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  7. hello, yesterday was 10.03 there wasn?t 17 online, but on date its on from 09.03. but problem is i have start game normal, see that new version. end game DL update install and start wot again. now when i say eu1 or eu2 than connect, i wait, all looks normal but, than when the hanger should load im back on connection site. deinstall 17 and reinstall #17 same problem!
  8. Radial Menu language

    after next update all back, how i can make this that after next update not all is again in english
  9. Radial Menu language

    Hi, from where is this, i need it in german. thx
  10. Session Statistic Promod

    Hi, can you add the same as in Promod is? THX
  11. Description Wot Tweak Plus

    And where i can found an engl. detail description.
  12. Hi, i dont found a detail description about wot tweak plus. in german its much better, but i take also an english version thanks for help
  13. Tessumod no there

    The tessu_mod.wotmod from last page is from same day in the folder, C:\Spiele\World_of_Tanks\mods\ have all other delete. start game. was on loginscreen, res_mod folder config creat a new tessu_mod folder with ini files.
  14. Tessumod no there

    the config files not under mods\configs.. the configs are under C:\Spiele\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\configs\tessu_mod tessu_mod.ini is here. and it works fine but not with this modpack there is no configs. not in mods and not in res_mods.. added 0 minutes later at moment it works fine, than i test the one of last page
  15. Tessumod no there

    This file is Downloaded its here in this Folder, but not create something in res_mod C:\Spiele\World_of_Tanks\Aslains_DLC_cache\tessumod-0.6.13_9.17.1c When i extract it C:\Spiele\World_of_Tanks\Aslains_DLC_cache\tessumod-0.6.13_9.17.1c\mods\version\tessu_mod.wotmod When i Open this File with Winrar it looks as where this the files for the res_mod\ folder there is in this file is: res\gui\tessu_mod in this folder png und one xml file res\scripts\client\gui\mods\tessumod\ in mods und tessumod pyc files