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  1. leeuniverse

    OTM Reload not working both in 9.9 && 9.10

    Maybe something with your graphic settings or some other disabled setting?
  2. leeuniverse

    Zayaz Damage Panel 0.9.12 + szacho's config

    Interesting..... This is the real deal then? Working Center Repair etc.? BTW, what "Timer" did you turn off? You mean track repair timers etc.? If so, that's perfectly legal. Or, are you talking about the enemy's last shot reload timer? That's legal as long as its base gun reload. Anything extra added like skills, consumables etc. is not legal.
  3. Ya, whoever updates that mod needs to totally remove that "DICK" statement..... I think everything else is clean enough, but that statement just ruins the mod for me. What I also don't get is why the game developers had to ruin Duke..... He was funny and Duke before, without having to be "vulgar".
  4. leeuniverse

    Bigger installer size vs. smaller but slower

    Lol..... you're worried about 18MB.... I'm going to shoot myself now. :)
  5. Ya, maybe I'll try it again LOL...... So much other crap on my brain at the time, likely didn't have patience to figure what I was missing. haa haa
  6. Ah, ya..... I can't find anything either other than the above Batch Method. Yep, that file and sometimes some others could need it. And good lord.... I've tried Renamer and even a couple other renamers, and NONE yet will friggen actually work. They are supposed to, but they won't actually rename the 0.9.3 folders to 0.9.4. The programs just don't do anything. :( Ugh. UPDATE..... Finally found a renamer that actually worked. http://www.rename-expert.com/start.aspx Don't know what the hell was wrong with the other paid and free renamers I tried. :( Even the one you recommended didn't do anything. Further, it wouldn't give you the option to just rename folders that I could see anyway. Anyway, finally found one that worked. Maybe some of them aren't updated to work well in Win 8.1? Lord waisting time on this crap, instead of updating my mod pack lol.
  7. Unless I'm missing something I think you're confused? Yes, a Renamer can find TEXT of a particular named file, but I'm looking for a program or something that will actually find all named files, and you can actually replace "the file itself" with another file. So, I'm trying to find a "File Replacer", not only a "text" replacer. No problem.... Thanks :)
  8. Found also a BAT command..... This might actually be the easiest way. I've tested it, it works. Create a .bat file. @echo off if "%1"=="" GOTO End for /F "tokens=*" %%P in ('dir /b /s %1') do copy /Y .\%1 "%%P" :End Run a command prompt, have the file you want to replace the other file with in the same directory as the .bat file. Also, the .bat and the file should be put in the TOP of the directory tree of the folders you want to be searched that contains the file that will be replaced. This .bat command will search & replace all files with the same name within and below the currenct directory. C:\root_dir_for_changes\subupdate.bat my_file_to_update.txt The file cannot be copied onto itself. 0 file(s) copied. 1 file(s) copied. 1 file(s) copied. 1 file(s) copied. The above is an example you type into command line, and the result after running. I still wish for a GUI version. I can't believe I've google searched like crazy and no one has created a simple search and replace utility. Everything out there is for "text" search and replace. BTW, the above code seems to work only for one file. Don't know how to get it to work for two if it can even.
  9. So, I found a "command line" option for replacing files that apparently does what I'm asking. But, that's my second choice..... would prefer a GUI still? Built in command part of Windows. Open an elevated Command Prompt and type: Code:replace /? Here is how: Folder with Backup files: C:\Data\Backups Folders with corrupt files: E:\Finance\Statements\2001 E:\Finance\Statements\2002 E:\Finance\Statements\2003 E:\Finance\Statements\2004 E:\Finance\Statements\2005 E:\Finance\Statements\2006 E:\Finance\Statements\2007 Code:Replace c:\data\backup\*.* e:\finance\statements /s
  10. 1. Which is exactly why I'm asking...... I'm the author of LAMP (Lee's ALL MOD Pack), and now that I've created an advanced installer, I need an easy way to do this. I have many mods which don't need to or aren't updated by the original mod author's, for example I have a "sight collection'. All I mostly need to change is the Python files updated for the new game, which are common across sights. It hasn't been an issue before, but it's an issue now. Need to save all the time I can. 2. That is an idea.... thanks for reminding me of it. But, I'm still looking for a "quicker" way, something that I tell a program I want these two files replaced in all folders of a particular directory. Thanks Aslain..... Do you have a recommendation for auto "file replacing" that looks for the named file in all subfolders?
  11. 1. Looking for a simple program that will search entire selected folder tree and rename specific named files or folders to a new name. Like I want to be able to auto-matically change all 0.9.3 named folders to 0.9.4. 2. Looking for the same, but that will take a specific file or files and "replace" all same named files found in an entire selected folder tree. Like, I want to be able to auto-matically replace all the CameraNode.pyc & __init__.pyc files for example. I've finally got meself a nice InnoSetup installer, so I need an easy way to do this crap for game updates, rather than manually changing every folder name and file, preferrably by GUI, rather than command line or batch. But, if that's the most easy way, then I'll live. Will WinMerge or anything similar do this crap? I'm not a "coder" dude, just a tinkerer. Thanks much guys. :)
  12. We were talking about this new mod, and then we realized it would work FAR BETTER as a "Mini-Map" version, instead of for the Loading screens. So, basically you would replace the Mini-Map the same way Locastan's HD Mini-Maps do but with this version. Of course, don't use the HD's cause the contrast is not good. Use the standard game maps. That's what we were talking about. :)
  13. leeuniverse

    control panel Zayaz 9.3

    Lol..... true that a lot of them are like that. But, I've found on most's "blog" updates, they do in fact show the latest, so not too bad.
  14. Remember, "Mini-Map" version is better...... We can keep using the old arrow's for loading. My mouth is watering for how cool this is. :)
  15. Hey Aslain.....This is an amazing creation. First, it shows you were the key points are, which is what you most use and need to know to fight. Second, I've been using the "arrow" loading maps for some time now, and they aren't so useful, because "we know where we are driving". Third, the issue with loading, I don't think that's an issue because as much as most play the game once you've seen the map a dozen times, you can see things better. Anyway, this is an excellent idea. I really like it and would like to see if move forward to full release. Someone also mentioned that it would be good as a "mini-map". Hmmm.... that's an interesting thought. I think this idea would even be a more amazing idea. Locastan releases an HD mini-map version, so it should be easy to do a Heat Map version. Although, I wouldn't want it to be in HD, reason being is because one can't see "detail" and features as well with the HD one, things don't "stand-out" as well. If you could actually make a HEAT Mini-map version, that would actually be better. (or show me how to do it, you're busy enough) We can keep using the "arrow" one for loading. Please please do this project, but for mini-maps instead. This would be really helpful. I mean, with the new ALT large mini-map option in xvm, it would be even more amazing to really see things and know where to shoot.

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