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  1. TopBite

    patch 1.2 -xvm only works for 1 battle

    Same issue. With notice right hand side, that XVM is unable to communicate with XVM server.
  2. TopBite

    no cap circles

    will try in one hour. WORKS WELL WITH '12
  3. TopBite


    thats right. i always used another spod mod in case of dont like " help" command and that .json file was easy to edit.
  4. TopBite

    no cap circles

    after instaling #11 i do not see the cap circles on the map.
  5. TopBite


    can anyone here change the confi file of the spotted mod so far : "is spottet in section".... no help message in chat ! the "ekspoint" file was easy to change but i struggle with the actual one
  6. TopBite

    Back to hangar problrm WoT

    same issue with new version of modpack you need to selct serial hangar...all others do not work when you leave a match earlier
  7. TopBite

    CTD in Ansturm Mode

    the left hand side one
  8. TopBite

    CTD in Ansturm Mode

    modpack working in all mode also the other halloween mods....only ansturm mode makes a CTD
  9. TopBite

    CTD in Ansturm Mode

    game crash in ansturm mode Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  10. TopBite

    OTM Clanicons

    Why not bring back a markersalive.xc ( or the content needed to add in to) where clanicons be present on top of the OTM ingame. Many guys miss this cosmetic feature.
  11. TopBite


    thx for your reply...and how does it looks with the clan icons in OTM ?
  12. TopBite


    When will Clanicons return into Players Panel as well as in OTM in Ally and Enemy ? Honestly I miss the feature as it is so much easier to see known players and friends ingame.
  13. TopBite

    crew voices

    many thanks. works fine.
  14. TopBite

    crew voices

    I really know that but I have made my pack a bit diffrent and i dont want to install everthing new. So i just want the mod single. Thats all.
  15. TopBite

    crew voices

    anyone a link for a mod set all crew voices into us english ?

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