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  1. TopBite

    lots of issues

    never picked this mod.... may hooks be setted automaticly but i never ever used this mod which is i found useless
  2. TopBite

    lots of issues

    Theproblem was NOT to change camos on tanks. after installing the modpack all existing camos, icons, rep, medi and firekits gone back to garange - means no tank was filled with fire, rep and medikit as well as camo and icons... or better...all tanks stay naked in garage after installing the modpack
  3. TopBite

    lots of issues

    aslain, sort thet issue out man, i go over and put manual all camo, icons etc. on as well as repair, fire- and medi kit.
  4. TopBite

    lots of issues

    any one a idea to fix that ?
  5. TopBite

    lots of issues

    here we go Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. TopBite

    lots of issues

    installed #4, lost all camo and icons on tanks in garage, all repairboxes, firextingshuser, and medikits. python.log
  7. TopBite

    patch 1.2 -xvm only works for 1 battle

    Same issue. With notice right hand side, that XVM is unable to communicate with XVM server.
  8. TopBite

    no cap circles

    will try in one hour. WORKS WELL WITH '12
  9. TopBite


    thats right. i always used another spod mod in case of dont like " help" command and that .json file was easy to edit.
  10. TopBite

    no cap circles

    after instaling #11 i do not see the cap circles on the map.
  11. TopBite


    can anyone here change the confi file of the spotted mod so far : "is spottet in section".... no help message in chat ! the "ekspoint" file was easy to change but i struggle with the actual one
  12. TopBite

    Back to hangar problrm WoT

    same issue with new version of modpack you need to selct serial hangar...all others do not work when you leave a match earlier
  13. TopBite

    CTD in Ansturm Mode

    the left hand side one
  14. TopBite

    CTD in Ansturm Mode

    modpack working in all mode also the other halloween mods....only ansturm mode makes a CTD
  15. TopBite

    CTD in Ansturm Mode

    game crash in ansturm mode Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip

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