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  1. Grosquick

    Health bar

    with this one , Aslain's WoT ModPack v9.20.1.1 #00 (experimental) ; my health bar dont get down when i am shooted just for info
  2. i did it a third time and all works fine i cant explain what happened the twice first time now , no problem with install the file sorry for disturb
  3. Sorry mate , but i have installed this file Aslain's WoT ModPack v9.19.1.2 #10 and my computer became slowly i uninstall your file and he came back fast i dont know why but your file have a problem i did this twice and same , install file , computer slow , uninstall , come back fast
  4. Grosquick

    Crashes and Timeouts

    me too , crashes
  5. Grosquick

    Tag red enemy killed

    u were right i found the WINDOWS - Fonts - xvm i deleted all and install again modpacks and it s work thx really so much
  6. Grosquick

    Tag red enemy killed

    ok i ll try dont work the file is _fonts_for_Aslains_Modpack ????
  7. Grosquick

    Tag red enemy killed

    hye m8, i havent the tag red when u kill an enemy , someone knows how to fix that ????
  8. Grosquick

    problem panel mirror

    ok thx its work ur right i hav to do that thx for answer so fast
  9. Grosquick

    problem panel mirror

    hye guys someone know how repair this problem on right side panel enemies ????

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