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  1. ByteScout71

    DL-Links not correct?

    Are the DL-Links named right. Everytime i want to dl the aslain wows-mod v6.12.0.2 #01 i get v6.12.01_01. On all dl-link. Please check that. Just seen: on main page it says v6.12.0.2 #01 and next page v6.12.01_01. Should be a written error i think.
  2. Hello, I found an issue, beeing caused by the mod "better ship icons on compact carousel" If you activate that mod all symbols in the port will moved to the edges of the screen no longer able to push buttons because they overlay. Checked this by switching the mod in the installation on and off, the issue appears and disappears, so it's reproducable. python_2.log _Aslains_Installer.log _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log python.log python_1.log
  3. ByteScout71

    Start up screen on WOWS problem

    Had the same problem, but i know where the issue is. Don't know the engl. words for this little mod, but in german it's called "Verbesserte Schiffsansicht im Schiffskarussell" maybe in engl. "Advanced Shipsview in carussell" When you turn that off, all symbols in port are in their right place. Hope i could help, cya in battle
  4. ByteScout71

    0.5.9 modpack ?

    Hello together. First, chillout maaaaan everybody. So, may it be worth trying to rename the modfolder by the actually versionnumber of wows ? Worst thing that can happen is, it's not working right? I think i will try that. Maybe report later. Greetings, [DKW] ByteScout71 _____________________________________________________________________________ Ok, was just a try. And error. Doesn't work, programm will loop at loading harbour.

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