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  1. Hi everybody, Want to thank Aslain for current updated mods. I know that camo is done separately but just want to encourage to include all-black livery for German Destroyers. Hopefully this can be communicated to camo makers. This specific painting scheme was characteristic of German Destoyers of WWI and pre-WWII period. They look very cool in black. Please. Thank you and merry Christmas everyone. Best, Yevgeniy
  2. YevgeniyUA

    Ship direction mod

    I see, thank you again. Pity it does not work, I got used to it. Hope it will be fixed sometime.
  3. YevgeniyUA

    Ship direction mod

    Aha, thank you - it was absent in the installer list/not working in 5.13.0_00 either. Very eager for its comeback.
  4. YevgeniyUA

    Ship direction mod

    Hi Aslain community, Could you please forgive my negligence and tell where is 'Ship Direction mod'? I can name this mod wrong, I mean the mod which showed where the ship was moving: forwards (green), Backwards (red), staying still (yellow if I remember correctly). This mod was considered somewhat a cheat by some players, was it removed forever? Or integrated into game as a standard? Waiting for your guidance, thanks.
  5. YevgeniyUA

    Smoke Boundaries mod

    Sir, Yes, Sir!
  6. YevgeniyUA

    Smoke Boundaries mod

    Ok, I have got it - in Settings there is a checkbox - Show Smoke Boundaries. It shall be marked. Thank you for giving me right direction.
  7. YevgeniyUA

    Smoke Boundaries mod

    I do not see any boundary playing on a US destroyer...
  8. YevgeniyUA

    Smoke Boundaries mod

    HI all, First all all - THANK YOU for these great modpack. WoW has official modpack but I am stuck with Aslain's - naval ensigns, FoV, etc. mods are my musthaves. But as a destroyerman I miss 'smoke boundaries' mode very much. I understand that it might be in conflict with some other mods/do not work - but just wanted to offer my 2 cents for the consideration. This mode is one of most crucial for playing on destroyer (my Clemson misses it very much). So, please, take it into account. Thanks
  9. Thank you! I wll be patient then )
  10. I have relied on automatic update. Recently I did not download new updates - just clicked on the same Aslains_WoWs_ModPack_Installer_v.XXXX.exe, it was checking for updates and offering me to download a more recent version if present. Should I download a new *.exe file directly from this web-site after each new update? How does 'checking for updates' function in the installer work? In any case - THANK YOU!! I will to the web-page to download a latest file. Will it work with a new WoW update now or it is more wise to wait until 22Aug16+ (something) to have the latest workin version?
  11. Hi! Thank you for the great job first of all! I can not imagine (well, I have to for a moment, hope it will not last too long) playing WoW without your mods: camo, clear vision, etc.etc just make the game different! The latest mod does not work with me for some reason. The game works but mods don't: no 'longer video' at start, no camo, no clear vision, just nothing. The game works, integrity checked, exceptions into anti-virus soft (nod32) added. Aslains.zip attached. P-l-e-a-s-e h-e-l-p _Aslain_logs.zip

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