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    world of tanks , warface , bf3 and tanki online !! in other words anything has a tank in it :) it takes me
  1. [0.9.16] PhattyL's voice pack (working on 9.16)

    bro ur sound mod is amazing but the only problem that there is no talking when u shoot an enemy ... only when u kill or lost !! i hope u update and add more words when u shoot the enemy with more fuck and shit words..etc i hope u understand what i mean and thnx for the mod
  2. is there anything i can do to fix this ? i see many people move dmg panel like xvm..etc with holding ctrl button and moving it with the mouse cursor can u do this with dmg counters ?
  3. pls bring back the old damage counters !! bcz the new one is inside the damage panel . and i tried all damage panels but it didn't work
  4. ui setting in your mod packs

    can u please add UI SCALE MOD ( user interface ) in your mod packs !! u had in one of your mod packs before the update with the autoscript 3.0 your mod pack which contained this : Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v.9.15.34.exe . if u pls just put this in every mod pack u make , it would help me a lot . your mod packs are life savers . and it would be great to put it in your upcoming mod pack and thnx for your amazing mod packs . it is making my gaming a lot better and more enjoyable and here is a photo :