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  1. Hi! I created a python macro for the XVM to show the vehicle shell damages. To use you just have to use this macro: {{py:blacksun.dmg('{{name}}')}}. It also has a {{py:blacksun.level({{level}})}} macro to color and mark the vehicle tiers according to your vehicle tier. Green means lower, white means same and red means bigger. There is a "+" or "-" mark for each tier difference. (So if your tank is T5 you'll see T3 as green "3--", T4 as green "4-" etc) I attached the script and an example on how to use it. The py file goes into the "res_mods/configs/xvm/py_macro" folder. You don't have to do anything else to use it. How it looks like: Sidenote: This is my first ever python code, so the code might be a little silly. blacksun.py example.zip
  2. BlackSun

    XVM turret damage marker possible?

    Yes also asked there, thank you the help, found out that I can use python macros, so i'll use that for my project.
  3. BlackSun

    Drawing on minimap

    If you mean the normal map ping as flash than it will ping where you release the mouse button. WoT minimap is programmed to ping on mouse release, so if you draw long enough line (so it won't draw anymore) and then move the mouse out from the minimap you can prevent the map pinging.
  4. Hi! I started doing a XVM config to show the turret damage (like with the vehicle info mod when you hover a tank) over everyone's head in the marker to see how scary someone is. However I quickly ran into a problem: I have no idea how macros work in XVM and if it is even possible to do it. I know that I can do simple check like {{vehicle=something?yes|no}}, but is there a way to get which turret he has? Only these macros are available? https://github.com/xergio/xvm/blob/master/doc/macros.txt I know it's not the XVM forum, but i thought I'll ask here since I use your modpack and usually modify your XVM settings and they seem very different than the original XVM one.

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