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  1. Some errors in one Treat.

    OK. Tried out somethings and I can say the folllowings. First thanks for trying to help me Aslain but it appeares that ether the mod pack installed something wrong eachtime because the problem with the Arty appeared eachtime. No matter which arty I played. Now that I´d played with a few other Crosses , I can say thar there are only a few that are working fine for my Game. Or better said there is only one. The Melty but only if I use his Arty Mods together with the Melty Standart Cross. Same with the sound. I tried the other one from Gnomefather, the world of war one that is in your Pack there is all fine. Except one great fact ! This mod somehow changes the Game so hardly in thinks of sounds and now eachtime I start the Game, the Game tells me to restard it because of those changes. After the restard it works. Yet I don´t like those sounds so I go back and Live with the lost reload sound. Maybe it comes back after sometime. Maybe it also has to do with my new Windows. My Windows 10 appears to be a liittle bit of a bitch. Far to much hidden programms and Spies in it that had find and catch. Even now. If you want to know which Crosses I used, just ask me. I maded a little list and of course there is the Archive if you are now interrested :-) Forgot this. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  2. Some errors in one Treat.

    Ok. Tested 03 and nothing had changed. Except for your removals of course :-). Arty error, gun sounds and crashing still stands. New locks attached as always and money has been spended :-). Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. Hi there Folks, I played for around 2 Hours today and I might found some errors. They all might be already posted in here but I want to get sure that I don´t miss one so I write mine in here. Sorry if it´s more work to do :-). Error 1 : The Hangman Hangar is not showing it´s rotation. You can save it to rotation but it never showes another Hangar than the standart one or, in my case, the premium standart. Even Manualy choosing isn´t working. Error 2 : The Kellerman Blue Server Cross siems not to work right. When you drive around, you have no problem with sniping and shooting and all but when you drive Arty and want to shoot a Bullet in Arty shight, the Game half freezes. The sight is the last one you´ve had before you tried to go into arty sight. The Cross changes but not the sight plus you cannot do anything anymore. No drive, no fire, no esc Menue call. The only thing you can do is writing into Map Chat. Nothing more. Error 3 : Might be an error yet also might be not. The reload gun sound from Zogane is listening to me like a normal standart sound from WG. I mean the sound in normal mode. Not in Sniper sight. Error 4 : Don´t know what it caused it my Game crashed ttwo times to desktop without any warning. Has maybe to do something with my new Graka Card but just to be sure. Error 5 : HAHA !!! Nothing more. That´s it Folks. Have fun. Zip in the attachments as always. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. Error when installing WoT Esther file.

    I hope that I´m writing this right now :-). podziękować
  5. Error when installing WoT Esther file.

    Hi there, had the same issue today but it appeared when the program tried to download the Zorgane weapon sounds. Logs are attached as always. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. Aslain to Hospital

    Best wishes from me as well. Yet even if I hate asking this. Considering the Message in his last Update, what will happen if worst case senario takes place ? ( What I really not hope !) Is there somebody who would take on his work or.... well..... Dies the Modpack with him ? Sorry to ask but this is burning my mind each time something like that happens to somebody around me.
  7. OK. Looked into the last German log file and corrected it. Hopefully it workes now correctly. WoT_de_translation_9.20.0_06b.rar
  8. Better use " ue, ae and so on " for the German translation. This seems to be a generel problem for these kind of Programs everywhere on Earth for German. Or at least the Programs I know so far :-).
  9. Tank you very much Aslain

    I will too join this. Thanks Aslain. With your Mods, Wot is much more fun to play. I don´t really know what I would do without it and If I´ve had the money , I would donate every month something.
  10. Same Problem here. Login Video disabled. Music Fine. Hangar is the Hang Man pack. Here also every Music is fine. No matter the Hangar. Only in Battle is the problem. The Countdown Music doesn´t Stop after the count reaches Zero and than there is always 2 or even three Music tracks been played. I´ve already reinstalled the mod and I cleaned the folder completely. Yet still the same problems. To me it seems that the installer doesn´t completely removes the previos version of the TSH Music. Log Files added. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  11. Howdy Folks. I have the problem that I downloaded and installed the music but it´s not playing for me in the Game. Only the standart music from Wot is playing. My other mods that I installed are playing well. Maybe someone can help me out a bit. Zip attached Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  12. Hi there everyone, i´ve have spotted some little " not working mods " in here :-). They are not so important mods but yet they are not functioning. At last for me. It´s the Game Log in screens from LegendaryStoner and Fr_Jagdmeister. The third one in the list is working. I try to add some logs. Hope they work. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  13. Some New Ingame Sound Avaidable

    OK.... Sine 9.17. I cannot play the music right anymore and the one who made it for me has not to be seen anymore around. And I´m totally unable to do the fixes myself because I cannot speak Japanese and the only pages I can find are in these tongue in were it is discribt to fix the problems. Google translater isn´t helping eather so I have no other option left than to retreat. Maybe someday, someone of Wargaming will set the music finally to MP3. Than I will be back in action. Till than. Ingame music out and frustration full speed ahead.
  14. Gundam SEED Destiny BGM mod v9.15.2

    Hi there again :-). Mind if you help me again wih music ??? PLEASE !!!!!!!!
  15. Some New Ingame Sound Avaidable

    Hello and Welcome dir Players and of course Sir Aslain , I am honored or better said I would be, to tell you that I would like to share a new Ingame Sound Mod for the musicbox. It´s probably the same as the Gundam SEED one from Zero Strike but this time with some Rock, Pop and other Music. Would be nice to take it into your modpack so that others can enjoy some better Game music instead of these old LALALA music. https://mega.nz/#!h95iURIK The Key : !j6VEgWxfWuic5Z1RgFAI0-zdop0jI52-nLvmdeE20Bw I hope it works.