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  1. x3101

    Garage Tank Filtering/Sorting

    Those basic filters are nice, but I have found that they are not enough for me, and I still end up doing a lot of manual manipulating every day which gets old and tedious after awhile. I would like to have some configurable preset hot buttons that allow for further filtering. (edit: To be clear, marking tanks with the primary marker does create a custom play set. I am just wanting to have several custom sets instead of just 1 ) Here are some examples of where they can come in handy, followed by a picture example for the UI. 1) Specific Mission work: Button #1 could be set for one type of mission, and button #2 for a 2nd mission type, each with different tanks. 2) Mixed filters: For example, sometimes I want to use the "x2" filter, but I also want to keep 1-3 other tanks in the mix too. There's no way to do this at the moment. 3) Play groups: When not doing missions, I sometimes just have different groups of tanks that I'm in the mood to play, but the current filters don't allow for custom mixing. I've put 4 buttons in the picture, but it would probably be good to have 10, or user defined.
  2. x3101

    Gnomefathers is still broken.

    I tried cleaning the DLC and it did not fix it, and it was not just Gnome's that wasn't working for me. However, after unchecking all sound mods in the last 'other' section (the section with track sounds, etc), they started working. I'm going to try a little experimenting to see if I can find out which sound mod in the last section is interfering with the others.
  3. Thanks, back to normal! :)
  4. Thanks, I'll fiddle around with that. I've been wanting to do some of my own tweaking anyway.
  5. No problem, thanks for all of your work. :)
  6. It never had this before, and I don't see a way in the installer to switch it off. I'm attaching a pic of it. I use the #1 display for it's small size and I have no interest in the platoon column. Am I missing the option to switch it off? Is this part of a 9.8 change in WoT, or is this an XVM setting that can be changed?
  7. x3101

    What Mods are causing the most problems?

    I would love to see an end to these CTD/lock ups. I've been using the beige dead tanks but I guess I'll try the 1% white and see what happens.
  8. I'm willing to (learn how to) rewrite it myself, but I want to go about it in the easiest way. What I want is to use the Aslain OTM but keep the WG HP bar, those big thick, easy to see red/green bars and which flash bright gold when taking damage. Should I strip WG code from their files and splice it in to the Aslain file, or would the other way around easier? Of course, if Aslain would like to add this option to his OTM section.....that....would be easiest! ;)
  9. x3101

    Creating Mods - Where to start?

    I had been looking around for info myself. Unfortunately this seems to be one of those games where the company does not give any help to the community, so you're stuck with half baked threads and a mish mash of info that may be accurate or not. One thread that I bookmarked, which is old now, but gave me a rough idea, is here: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/263517-how-do-you-make-wot-mods/ There's a veteran modder posting in there and you may be able to find more advice from him with more searching. There are quite a number of threads asking this question on the game forums but so far I've found all of them sorely lacking for someone like me. I have learned languages in the past but have never really 'developed' anything and know little to nothing about the 1,2,3 of the process. Btw, if you do find some good tips, links, guides, etc. I'd appreciate it if you could post back to this thread and maybe with enough good info it could become a sticky.
  10. x3101

    Game Crash

    I'm getting crashes with 4.3.9, but not as many as I was before. I've sort of pinned one type of crash down. Numerous times now, I have crashed right at the moment my tank is destroyed. This was happening 3-6 times per night, now it is only happening 0-2 times per night. I have no idea which mod might be doing this, but I do have 4-5 sounds mods in use, including hit sounds and destroyed object sounds, so maybe the destroyed object sounds is doing it.
  11. Your mod that checks for updates, in 9.6 you could click on the info box (via the comm center button in the bottom right corner) and that would popup a new box that had an update button you could click which would open a browser window. It was very handy, I would love to see that return. :)
  12. I would also like to see this changed. The work around if you accidentally scroll first, is to just exit the installer without saving any changes and you can restart it and all your old settings will still be there. Hmm, there's two good ways to change this and it should be relatively easy, I would think, and I don't think it would cause anyone any problems. 1) Change the default focus to the window title bar. I tinkered with the Glade dev tool one time, and this kind of change was easy in that, but I don't know anything about what's involved here. 2) Ideally, also change it so that when scrolling through the option list and then scrolling back to 'custom', what was listed previously is reloaded, including any user changes after the initial load. I mean, the listing and changes to it are still in memory, or a temp file, it's just that right now the scrolling action auto loads installer defaults. If someone wants to load defaults, you could add a default button, so when they have selected an option from the menu, they just click that button and can start from scratch.
  13. x3101

    stuck in loading screen with leopard 1

    I'm still getting the stuck loading issue too. I just downloaded 434 and I've removed all sound mods and am testing that now. Btw, I don't have any of the tanks listed in this thread.
  14. x3101

    Gun has stopped firing

    Did any of you add any new selections from the pack this time around? I added 2 or 3, I think. I removed the whole pack and continued playing without the problem, but now I'm going put it back in minus the new things I tried and see what happens.

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