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  1. ive the lastest mod pack installed reinstalled it , cleaned dlc cache but the problem still presists {replay included} btw theres no aslain logs zip in wot folder 20161220_0409_germany-G46_T-25_06_ensk.wotreplay python.log
  2. OK thanks! BTW , I haven't thanked u for adding the prem garage and I'm sorry for not saying it early THANK YOU (I mean it lol)
  3. In the legal category according to the last point 'in game penetration indicator mods' Is 'armor penetration calculator' by Pmod , legal now?
  4. ya i missed it thanks a lot
  5. oh sorry i didnt knew lol
  6. {Panels by XVM team , Simple panel #2} ive installed this panel...but its empty and dosent shows anything im using win10..thanks
  7. Thanks a lot aslain
  8. Yes exactly ....or some other garage , like victory day
  9. No I haven't install fog remover I know I get black textures cuz of hanger man , I have test it many times ....I don't it mind it anyway , I was just asking lol But can u help me with my second problem lol Thanks
  10. Hi guys I just wanted to know why the hanger man makes some textures black and why goofy hasn't fixed it , or is it impossible? Second:: as hanger man causes the black textures , is there a way to install the garage mod (install the hanger man then copy the premium garage file and then uninstall hanger man and move the prem garage file back to res_mods,,, so I'll have garage without hanger man.....I don't mind not having the garage changing option) If someone can help , I'll appreciate it very much Sorry the long sentence lol
  11. I don't think it's necessary to include that in mod cuz it's in the game option , sbalization in sniper mod (I don't remember the EXACT name).....u can check it ur self
  12. Attach and python.log, both are in the game main folder
  13. Thanks so much for replaying .......I'll wait But when will it be updated (estimate time) thanks
  14. Otm reloads still not working ...even tho I've downloaded latest mod pack....and installed it 20 times (even installed it alone cuz I thought maybe it's conflicting with other mods) I love world of tanks so much Any help will be appreciated!!! Thank you,
  15. Damn lol