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  1. It has already installed by ModPack. But I notice that there is an old fonts_ASIA.swf in my private directory. When I clean up this one, some ship names written by Latin alphabet are shown, but other Japanese charactors are not.
  2. After ver7.4.1#2, ship names in minimap get grabled when I use Japanese charactors. And not shown alt ship icons. These problems can be avoided by editing gui\unbound\battle_loading.xml line 23. Please add this xml file as a selectable option to your ModPack. <css name="$FontMinimapShipLabels"><!-- --> <!-- <fontFamily value="$Exo2-Bold"/> --> <fontFamily value="$WWSDefaultFont"/> <mouseEnabled value="false"/> <mouseChildren value="false"/> <dropShadowFilter value="1 150 0x000000 2.0 0.25 0.25 1.0 1"/> <selectable value="false"/> <textColor value="0xFFFFFF"/> </css>
  3. nana

    Score timer by Ancient

    thx Aslain
  4. nana

    Score timer by Ancient

    missing in ver7.4.1#01
  5. nana

    Score timer by Ancient

    um... something is wrong.
  6. nana

    Score timer by Ancient

    I had similar issue, but in my case, Cyrillic comment block in "battle_layout.xml" was the cause. I edited this file after ModPack installation, then its code page was changed by my misoperation. Of course I think that this is a unique problem for me.
  7. nana

    Score Timer

    Thank you for your quick work!
  8. nana

    Score Timer

    Would you add this mod? https://forum.worldofwarships.ru/topic/109085-0740-мод-счетовод/
  9. I'm relieved to hear that. Thank you
  10. Now it's inclued in ship carousel mod, but I like stand-along one better. Does it come back?
  11. Try to wait for load without pressing the "BattleStart" button. That will work fine, but I don't know the cause.
  12. [Alt_minimap] I don't hope the visibility circle shrinks its range in smoke screen. [InfoPanel(self)] I would like the AA format of InfoPanel(self) to be the same as SecondaryArmamentStatus. And insert a space between "km" and AA value when it is over 100. I want to request to each author, but don't have an account in CIS server.
  13. In battle and loading screen, ship icons don't be shown. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  14. I cleared the cache every time, but I try it again and somehow the mod works fine this time. Anyway thanks for your support!
  15. These ships have AA guns, but the value is not shown: ・ARP Myoko and her sisters ・South Dragon ・ARP Takao And although it is a trivial problem, the icons (AA and secondary) are swapped in this mod. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  16. As far as I know it will only occur on these maps: ・Archipelago ・New Dawn Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  17. nana

    Add clan icon

    Server: ASIA Clan: LILY Logo:
  18. nana

    Aslains_Custom_mods folder

    Oh, I misinterpret! Now I try "version" folder name, and it works as I wanted. Thanks for the info All that is left is #1. If it is not a lot of work, implement it please.
  19. I have some request for Aslains_Custom_mods folder. Please consider this. 1. Do not need to compress mods files. 2. Be sure to omit the version folder. e.g. Aslains_Custom_mods\gui\... Aslains_Custom_mods\texts\... Aslains_Custom_mods\locale_config.xml ...
  20. nana

    Aslains_Custom_mods folder

    Actually in most cases, we only use current version folder. And changing folder name and compressing each client or mod update are troublesome for some users, I think. Certainly it is not a big problem, but...
  21. nana

    Aslains_Custom_mods folder

    Yes, I know. But easy to maintain files without compress. Maybe current client version. It seems that Aslains installer already knows it.
  22. I see. (I forget to write: there is not any collision files in the specified folder by paths.xml file. Even if the folder is empty, Detailed Damage Indicator and MonstroMarkers do not work.) Then I will use Aslains_Custom_mods folder instead of editing paths.xml file. I post request to update about it. Please read here. Thanks
  23. I have the same issue. In my case "paths.xml" file was the cause. I added a Path element above "res_mods/0.6.x.x" line for my stand alone mods. So remove or move it to below, the mods work fine. Can you fix this problem?
  24. nana

    Move compass elements

    Would you add a new variation of Move compass elements like the screenshot? I edit battle_layout.xml and change distanceFromGlue value in "shipDollClip", "gunRotatorClips" and "frustumClip" elements like this: <element> <id>shipDollClip</id> <hasAnimationInside>false</hasAnimationInside> <vglue> <type>0</type> <glueElementID>vertCenter</glueElementID> <glueElementCoord>0</glueElementCoord> <elementConstraintType>1</elementConstraintType> <!-- <distanceFromGlue>-250</distanceFromGlue> --> <distanceFromGlue>-100</distanceFromGlue> </vglue> <hglue> <type>0</type> <glueElementID>horizCenter</glueElementID> <glueElementCoord>0</glueElementCoord> <elementConstraintType>4</elementConstraintType> <!-- <distanceFromGlue>50</distanceFromGlue> --> <distanceFromGlue>100</distanceFromGlue> </hglue> <scaleX>1.0</scaleX> <scaleY>1.0</scaleY> <active>True</active> </element>

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