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  1. update2 I made some progress. - Standard crosshair with better timer and more killed my UI (hardcore mode). Didn't try any other crosshair. - Session Statistics by ShuraBB crash my game at the end of the matches. Didnt try any other session statistics, but I will tomorrow. - On the loading screen at start of matches: enemy icons are mirrored, xvm isnt showing anything, but I have the WN8 counter for some reason. (I'm using the simple statistic tab with vehicle names, if that matters.) - About the fire assist what I mentioned above. Looks like the settings changed in the game. Looks like the "attack" and the "assist/follow" is on separated keys now. I set it again, but unfortunately it's not working with Autoaim indication+. I have to click on the highlighted silhouette with it. I love the feature, when I can just click on the direction (just like in the old version with the autoaim), I play a lot of scouts :). I think, that's all. Nothing too bad :).
  2. I hope this going to help with the issue. I'll try to be understandable with my masterblaster English. So, I wanted to try the new version (17.0_2). Made my usual installation with it, then I tested it with my replay from yesterday (hardcore gamemode without any UI). And it was fine except the icons (3D (colorblind) icons with arab tier from Aslain). The icons were simple the normal ingame ones, but then I realized that I didn't finish the installation completely. I didn't click on finish on the last window (python/xvm/launch). I thought that "ah OK, that's the problem with the icons". So I finished it and tried again with the replay. Back to square one, no UI at all. Lastly, I tried without any icon stuff from the installer. Once again, the replay looks OK before I click finish on the last window, and kill everything after that. So, looks like the installer do something bad in the last stage, but it's probably not icon-mode related. (I didn't clear python this 2 times.) (I'm not using any mods mentioned above. Uncheked the white tanks too.) --- I'll try more things and update this post if I have any good results :). update: Well, good news, bad news. Firstly, I tried without crosshair mode - voala, replay works fine. So it was the Standard crosshair with better timing and more for me. I reinstalled the Aslain icon and white tanks too, no crosshair mode, start a real game. On the loading screen the icons were mirrored (i checked the xvm thingy) and I couldnt ask for fire assist (not even with click on the enemy contour, guess this is a Autoaim Indication+ bug), other than that, all good. But. We won, and I only see my frozen tank in the garage. Nothing else, total crash. Alt+f4 not enough either, I have to kill the process in Windows. Actually this happened the first time too, when I played a match without UI yesterday. Guess now I try without white tanks and victory screen mods (icons, session statistics, crew xp extended and the sexy battle results)... or idk.
  3. Oh. I never used that, but i can still enjoy the hardcore mode.
  4. Cool. Which one is that?
  5. Yeah, no UI gamemode is fun! (I hit something in ~300m!)
  6. What a fantastic community member and content creator are you? I'm always surprised. I think that I'm using XVM from the start (the statistic/minimap/idk stuff), should be no problem. I will check the updates like always. It's not a hurry.
  7. Fair enough. (I loved it tho, that's why I said it again with the logs - I really dont know how these things works. )
  8. I missed the 05 version, but I tried Aslain and Druid in 06 and a couple of extra in 07. All the same. Tried a contur one too, wasnt good either. Same thing on the loading screen. Plus, I don't have 6th sense sound with the PMOD 6th sense duration. I didn't check it in all version, but it's not working since 9.16. I'm using the normal sounds (3 options in ingame settings). Now I have to use the 04 installer, because I want my beautiful aslain icons! : ( python.log UPDATE Uff, I just saw the other topic with the same issue. I'll check it shortly. In this case, I probably only have the 6th sense sound problem.
  9. PMOD 6s duration still killing my 6s sound.
  10. Right, the icons are fine, thank you. Sill mini-minimap at the start (not a big deal) and no 6th sound tho. I didn't install any sound mod.
  11. I don't know. Last 2 times, I didnt install any hitlog (not wn8, not block, not dmg, not anything), and my starting minimap size, icons still messed up. I even lost my normal 6th sound for some reason. Something really not OK with this XVM build, I'm probably just waiting with the grindin' :).
  12. What a nice comment! I'm a newbie in the game in all sense, but Aslain's work definitely one of the best, most reliable community content out there. Saving me crazy amount of time, just huge help, really. And now im going to test the new version! : ))
  13. Sounds like it, but in theory nothing changed with my internet connection and I don't have problems anywhere else. I will try tho. I also just read this post now: I'll do those things tomorrow too. Sleepy-time now. Sorry for the negligent posting.
  14. I'm getting crazy frustrating lag spikes in the last week or so in every or every second battle. My ping suddenly just jumps up from 30-60 to 200-400 for a couple of second. The picture isn't lagging or anything just my vehicle not responding for like 2 second. Not moving when it was still or moving on his own if I was on the way. One or two times per games. I can't see any triggering conditions, sometimes right after the start, sometimes in a bush, when I try to move out, looks total random to me. Am I the only one with this? Any idea what's causing it? I have to try without mods?