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  1. sam1946

    FPS Drop

    the same happened with me
  2. sam1946

    Fair play

    Thank you Quaksen.
  3. sam1946

    Fair play

    "Software that makes it easier to block an enemy’s shell by indicating their exact aiming point, for example, with a laser beam", as states the fair play policy but watching WG League videos I see the players use such a beam. Is it different rules for the league or it is not a laser beam !? if not what is it ?
  4. sam1946

    Aslain to Hospital

    Welcome back Aslain
  5. sam1946

    Aslain to Hospital

    Good luck, get well soon.
  6. sam1946

    error during instalation

    Yes Quaksen you were right. The permissions on my computer had been changed for unknown reason to me ( could be virus) that prevented any action on Sed file. Every thing is working well now. Thank God.
  7. sam1946

    error during instalation

    thank you.
  8. sam1946

    error during instalation

    Defender and Anti-virus are off.
  9. Hi Aslain with the last update (9.19.01 #00) I encountered an error during installation and aborted the installation as recommended. past updates worked fine. Game works alright. this issue never happened before. attaching pic Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  10. sam1946

    Pls help me by explaining

    Yes, thank you all for your contribution and advice. You have corrected a misconception I had that the specs of the tank given by wot in the tecktree should be used in choosing the appropriate shell. By the way .. T26E4 is not the tricky one here !!!
  11. Pls help me by explaining what I did wrong in the attached game replay where Tiger II shot T26E4 three times then one gold shot and the red badges showed on T26E4 after each shot but nothing happened to it (Note: this was not the first time!!) 20170402_1943_germany-G16_PzVIB_Tiger_II_31_airfield.wotreplay
  12. sam1946

    9.17.1 mod bugs

    the same happened after the new update #01 WoT runs alright in safe mode the crash happens during the first battle. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log the antivirus was always off during download downloaded file size is 94 MB and not 105 MB with very slow speed
  13. sam1946

    9.17.1 mod bugs

    here also WoT crashes again _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  14. sam1946

    PC crash

    I finally managed to attach python file ( I don't know why it couldn't get attached yesterday). To start with I would like to say it was not a big issue for me, but I found it a strange behavior since things were working very nicely before few updates back. Just for your information, as things are ok now after update #20, I tried the following yesterday: 1. Run WoT in safe mode .. PC didn't crash. 2. Shut PC off then on and run WoT .. PC didn't crash as usually did. 3. Installed update #20, WoT started ok. 4. Shut PC off then on and run WoT .. it worked normally .. and no crash. python.log
  15. sam1946

    PC crash

    After installing the update every thing is ok. After exiting the game and re-logging again it runs ok also. But after shutting the computer off then restarted the PC crashes when running the game client and I had to re-install the update again to have the game running again. When running the game in safe mode it runs ok. Please note that I Python file wont be uploaded !! _Aslain_logs.zip

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