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  1. Wargaming.FM

    hehe... no problem ..... Its possible to change it on a folder on my Computer
  2. Wargaming.FM

    Its in your modpack =) http://wargaming-fm.ru/75949749.html
  3. Wargaming.FM

    Hey, is it possible to add in the Wargaming.FM mod ... a folder from my computer to listen "my Music" ? ty for answer
  4. Sixth Sense sound

    =) nice !!1 work now
  5. Same Here python.log _Aslain_logs.zip
  6. [Aslain beta] Some Problems

    Didnt refresh the Browser Tank carousel works now ty very much =)
  7. [Aslain beta] Some Problems

    2) But where and what i must change ? something in the modpack or what ? ty for answer 7) ahh ok very nice PS) musst i only overwrite ..to have it in german ?
  8. Hello, i use the first Time this modpack and its amazing...Ty for the good work.... But i have some Problems : 1) Minimalistic Sight -> dont show the reload time (normal ? ) 2) Tank Rows are very small ( Its the Tank Carousel from Wot ? ) 3) Hitzone Goha.ru doesnt work 4) Login Pictures Legandary Stoner doesnt work 5) After 4-5 Games Wot always Crash and will reconnect then crash again... i can join when the started game is over my Fault not a clean install 6) After a reboot the Session Statistiks are always deleted... would be nice when Stats will be there (when you make are break or something else) 7) Minmap is always small I know its the beta , but i want to help you to fix some Problems.... PS: Is it Possible to invite in your modpack this Statistik Mod : Link or tell what i must do to install this with your modpack ? Ty again for this modpack ... =) PS2: Sorry for my english im just a german =)