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  1. i will try without this mod and say you whats happenend
  2. same after reinstall Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. Hey all, i have the same problem ...crash when Battle starts or Battle Ends....sometimes every game...sometimes it works all 2-3 games Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip I reinstall now the modPack
  4. _debug_

    [Login Screen] How to change ?

    Ty Guyz it works perfectly !!!
  5. _debug_

    Add BUFFON to crew ?

    you buyed the soccer package =? then you have buffon !!!
  6. _debug_

    [Login Screen] How to change ?

    ahhh ok =) ty quaksen... i will try that and let you know if it works =) ty dude
  7. _debug_

    [Login Screen] How to change ?

    i must create the folder ? i also dont have it in gui\maps\login"
  8. _debug_

    [Login Screen] How to change ?

    Ty for answer but this direction i dont have
  9. Hello Tankers, can someone help me ... I want to change the login Screen with my own Background... What programms (not for the graphic) i need for that... What i must change or overwrite ? Thank you for help Greetz Debug
  10. _debug_

    [Help] what option i must take

    i tryed this .. nut still dont work.... no matter ty guyz for the help Greetz Debug
  11. _debug_

    [Help] what option i must take

    ahh ok ty aslain =)
  12. _debug_

    [Help] what option i must take

    but it doesnt work for me =(
  13. _debug_

    [Help] what option i must take

    with which option ?
  14. Hey all, i hope i wirte this in the right section of this forum ... I want to see the WN8 after a game ...at the "battle Screen"... Can someone help me please ? Ty
  15. same problem like yesterday =(

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