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  1. Updated the Hungarian translation to v9.20.1 #06 Btw, does the readme file work now? WoT_hu_translation_9.20.1_06.ini
  2. Removed the "[elavult]" tags from the contour icons Checked the readme's format, it was saved as .docx and the name was .rtf, now it sshould be OK. readme.rtf WoT_hu_translation_9.20.0_06.ini
  3. Hungarian translation Yay! Finally finished it! Double-checked the spelling with Word. WoT_hu_translation_9.20.0_06.ini
  4. Currently working on Hungarian translation, hope I'll finish this week. Edit: I won't
  5. back to the desktop

    Thank you,I had the same problem, now all working fine