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  1. Unwanted mods

    Alright, thanks And thank you for your work, this modpack is amazing!
  2. Unwanted mods

    Thanks Sooo there is no way to get rid of that, maybe select another panel w/o this things i guess...
  3. Unwanted mods

    Hello, I have two unwanted mods in my game. They just appeared there, I didn't select them from list while the installation process. Its the health bars (when pressing ALT) and spotting bulbs near player panel and the floating wings upon destroyed enemies Any ideas how to get rid of them? When I remove the file "com.modxvm.xfw_7.3.3.900.wotmod" they disappear but it feels like not the right move to fix this Thank you in advance Fekki Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip