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  1. Thanks for the find, @Quaksen. The updated version works for grand battles. No bugs anymore.
  2. The Battle Observer in the modpack is not complete or old version. Download the latest one HERE and copy to your 'mods' folder. Note: it still doesn't work for grand battles (you can't see the result during the match and can't type in chat.) Random battles are fine.
  3. For me, the chat box works in all matches but grand battles. Actually, it is half-working there: i can read the chat, but can't type. Have you tried deleting vxBattleFlash_1.5.1.wotmod from 'mods/' after copying polarfox.vxBattleFlash_1.5.1.wotmod there? I have a feeling both shouldn't be there at the same time.
  4. Just a heads up, BO is not working for me in Grand Battle mode. The result stays at 0:0 the whole match and the chatbox is not working.
  5. Went to the BO thread on BW forum and downloaded the latest version which works just fine. I have also noticed there is a file in BO which is missing in the modpack - polarfox.vxBattleFlash_1.5.1.wotmod (under 'mods\version'), so I deleted the vxBattleFlash_1.5.1.wotmod and put this new one instead. BO works now.
  6. Yup, same here. Python.log doesn't mention any errors or warnings, but it doesn't work in game for me.
  7. Well yes, 'master ambush' does give an unfair advantage so I am not at all surprised that it is illegal. However, there is nothing about path mods that trigger FPP even in the slightest. With that said I really hope WG will patch the maps to disable boosting because it is ruining the random matches. Recently I played a Sacred valley match and 6 (six) of the tanks on my team went boosting. Needless to say, we lost pathetically, but 4 of the boosters stayed alive after the enemy capped our base and were rewarded more experience points than those who fought properly.
  8. LOL, 'a storm in a glass of water'. I mentioned FPP because you said suspicious mods come from that particular website. While that is true it is a non-issue because now we have a universal FPP in place, and by that virtue, it is 'out of the question' (my original point). It could come from a dark web for all we care, and we can quite easily check whether it is legal or not. Now, security-wise it is a whole other ballpark. Nice chatting with you guys. See you on the battlefield. Over and out.
  9. Oh come on people.... First of all, @Quaksen, why would you even mention the times before the FPP? This mod is brand new, came out long after the new FPP was announced and enforced. So, according to the amended FPP, this mod is obviously legal on all Wargaming servers. I wasn't sure if you were serious because you mentioned the word 'straightforward' after my comment as if it were not a fact (or it just seemed that way to me). Just read it again and you might notice it kind-of sounds like mocking. I am really sorry if I crossed some line here. Well, never mind now. The mod made it to the modpack and that was my only intention here. Polite discussion on the net is nice too. Cheers fellows, have some nice games.
  10. Can't tell if you're being serious or sarcastic. Anyways, Wargaming has amended their Fair Play Policy about half a year ago and the rules are the same for all servers. Cheers.
  11. Well, Wargaming fair play policy is quite straight forward in explaining what kind of mods are forbidden. There is no "gray area" with this mod - it is completely legal, no doubt. That site hosts mostly ALL mods - legal or not, so the fact a mod is there doesn't say anything about its legitimacy. It could be forbidden, or it could be legal. Tricky clicks and other security issues, on the other hand, are a real threat and that is why I really like Aslain's pack and don't use any others. Well, never mind. As we were discussing it, Aslain added the mod to his modpack
  12. When you say 'suspicious', do you mean it as 'potentially illegal' or as 'flawed security-wise'? The former should be out of the question, as per Wargaming fair-play policy, and the latter is always the issue with non-open sourced software. I mean, most of the mods we use are Russian-created and non-open sourced, so what would be the difference here?
  13. Climb Route mod

    "Navigator" is not the same mod as "Pathfinder". They do the same thing, but not from the same author. Navigator download is quite large (~80MB) and contains boosting paths for jus a few maps. Pathfinder is a much smaller download, contains more paths on more maps, but is quite taxing on the system and causes noticeable FPS drops. But, there is a third option called "Tank Trajectory", which Aslain added to the modpack recently. It has the most paths, it's small, not causing FPS drops, AND has the option of recording your own paths. Try them out, they're completely legal.
  14. Tank trajectory has even more routes than pathfinder and they are visible on the minimap (toggle=key 'p'). But what I like the most is the ability to record your own paths, which could be useful for other purposes than just boosting (team positions etc.)
  15. Hello Aslain! Noticed that you added the "pathfinder" mod to your modpack. There is another one of those (making it the third mod of this kind, after "navigator" and "pathfinder"). Here's the website (russian): https://4cheat.ru/showthread.php?p=1148598#post1148598 This one adds the ability to record your own paths, which is great because not all paths are good for all tanks. Maybe you could add all of them to the modpack and let the user pick one. Thanks.