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  1. zzarac

    XVM Crashes?

    No crashes here with the latest few modpacks whatsoever. I play about 40 matches a day and the last crash was more than a week ago. It must be some mod combination on your side.
  2. Tried installing two times, once with Frost v1 and the second time with Frost v2, both times Anime results windows were installed. Obviously it's no biggie. Reporting to satisfy my OCD.
  3. zzarac

    modpack on WoT CT new sever don't work correct

    I don't want to spam the forum with a new CT issues topic, so I will just post my findings here. Hope it is OK. I have been playing around for a few days with a lot of different mods from the installer (CT #3), and only a few things either don't work or work "not as intended". For instance, no matter which option I choose from "Statistics tab (under Tab key)" (XVM section -> Panels & windows (in-battle) -> Panels by Aslain), I get no statistics under Tab key - just the vanilla list of players. Other panel options work as intended. I guess it is another XVM issue. Also, "Team WN8 on the battle interface (WITH EKSPOINT AD)" works about every other match. So, around 50% of the matches it just doesn't show, other 50% it works as intended. I am having a weird graphical issue with some of the maps: on El Halluf the sky is completely black, and on some maps the sky is blue, but cloud textures are messed up and are all placed in a concave strip in the middle of the sky. I haven't started hunting the mod that causes this yet, but I will. Sometimes some of the tabs in the client setting window start acting weird. Just like before, with the first XVM modpack version, but this time less radical. You can actually close the settings window now, but some of the tabs just don't show any content. Everything else I tried, and I tried a lot of things from the installer, just works: OTMs, XVM panels, crosshairs, minimap mods, hitlogs, damage logs, countour icons, aiming helps, hangar mods, 6th sense icons and sounds, crew sounds...... Great work Aslain, as usual.
  4. I reassigned it yesterday, but didn't have time to play the game. I will report after at least 50-ish games played with the new setting. Hopefully you are right.
  5. Well, I never use numpad0 key to toggle sniper mode, and yet this happens to me too. I will try reassigning it anyways and see what happens.
  6. zzarac

    Battle Observer problem

    Funny thing is, sometimes those vehicle markers disappear after some time (between the battles, not during the battle) and don't come back until you restart the game client. Happened to me several times.
  7. zzarac

    Were Climbing Guides removed from pack?

    Dunno if he cleaned it up enough, but he released version of his mod (no changelog tho): http://pavel3333.ru/trajectorymod/
  8. zzarac


    You should be able to run the modpack installer .exe on a Mac through CrossOver software (fancy commercial wine port). Just make sure you point the installer to the correct path for the game when asked. When I first started playing WoT I played it on OSX exclusively for the first few months, but the performance hit was too big for me so I installed Windows on a BootCamp partition and gained almost 50% FPS. I would wholeheartedly advise you to do the same. If you rather decide to continue playing on Mac OS, just make sure to install all the fonts necessary. I remember having some problems with missing characters after installing modpacks. But it was long time ago - after my first windows battle, I deleted the game on OSX.
  9. It is definitely xvm. I was playing in a platoon with two friends. One had xvm installed (like myself), and the other one was playing vanilla. I have had three crashes in an hour, and my friend with xvm installed had crashes at the same time, while the vanilla guy didn't have any.
  10. zzarac

    Battle observer

    Same here. Obviously a BO bug.
  11. zzarac

    One of my tanks never seems to build any experience

    I am sorry for assuming you are male, but you are right - so few women playing this game it's almost an exception to the rule. Hats off to you, ladies - it must be really painful watching male egos sizzling in that toxicity den we know as "team chat", at least on the EU server. Respect! PS: sorry for off-topic chitchat
  12. zzarac

    One of my tanks never seems to build any experience

    Oh yes, you're right. I completely forgot about the tier changes with that tank. But still, he should not be able to accelerate crew training before researching Sheridan. Even if it was elite beforehand, after the patch that made T49 tier 9 it should've been "un-elited" automatically. It seems WG made a boo-boo.
  13. zzarac

    One of my tanks never seems to build any experience

    According to the screenshot above, there is no way he could have checked the "accelerate crew training" because his T49 does not have an elite status - Sheridan is not yet researched. What a weird issue...
  14. zzarac

    Ratings colors

    Well, they went towards simpler gunmarks color representation: red - no marks, yellow - one mark, green - two marks, blue - three marks. I know it's a bit harder to reach nicer colors, but I think this is more logical than 6 colors representing four excellence states.
  15. zzarac

    XVM not working

    @Excellor8 There was no problem in Aslain's modpack. XVM servers were behaving wonky yesterday. There were no stats shown in about 50% of games I played. No restarts or mod changes, just consecutive battles.

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