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  1. When you say 'suspicious', do you mean it as 'potentially illegal' or as 'flawed security-wise'? The former should be out of the question, as per Wargaming fair-play policy, and the latter is always the issue with non-open sourced software. I mean, most of the mods we use are Russian-created and non-open sourced, so what would be the difference here?
  2. "Navigator" is not the same mod as "Pathfinder". They do the same thing, but not from the same author. Navigator download is quite large (~80MB) and contains boosting paths for jus a few maps. Pathfinder is a much smaller download, contains more paths on more maps, but is quite taxing on the system and causes noticeable FPS drops. But, there is a third option called "Tank Trajectory", which Aslain added to the modpack recently. It has the most paths, it's small, not causing FPS drops, AND has the option of recording your own paths. Try them out, they're completely legal.
  3. Tank trajectory has even more routes than pathfinder and they are visible on the minimap (toggle=key 'p'). But what I like the most is the ability to record your own paths, which could be useful for other purposes than just boosting (team positions etc.)
  4. Hello Aslain! Noticed that you added the "pathfinder" mod to your modpack. There is another one of those (making it the third mod of this kind, after "navigator" and "pathfinder"). Here's the website (russian): https://4cheat.ru/showthread.php?p=1148598#post1148598 This one adds the ability to record your own paths, which is great because not all paths are good for all tanks. Maybe you could add all of them to the modpack and let the user pick one. Thanks.
  5. The mod needs update. Downloaded the updated version and everything's fine and dandy once again. http://forum.worldoftanks.ru/index.php?/topic/1385404-09191-battle-observer-1091-12072017-teamshp-damage-log-zoommod-debug-time-armorcalculator/
  6. Notice there is also a typo in the folder name inside the zip file from the DLC.
  7. Not sure if the mod is not working due to not being updated or it is some weird mod combo that crashes it. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  8. Even though the v.9.19.1_00 changelog states that the aforementioned icons are updated, in the installer they are marked as outdated. Tried installing them anyways thinking it is just a cosmetic issue, but icons are not showing anywhere in the game client. After inspecting the DLC cache folder looking for the man1aq zip file, found it but noticed there is a typo for the folder name inside (res_mod instead of res_mods), so the files get copied to the wrong destination. Manually moving them to the correct folder fixes the problem. I guess there is no need for the logs here, as the problem is quite obvious.
  9. Recently I came across a new mod that shows your marks of excellence progress in realtime (during the battle): https://4cheat.ru/showthread.php?t=198973 It would be nice to have it in the modpack (of course, if it works as it should and if it doesn't break other stuff). Thx
  10. I hope you're aware that since 9.17 update you can't use artillery and air strikes when playing as an SPG in stronghold battles.
  11. installed the latest xvm nightly just between two CW battles and it fixed it for me
  12. Working perfectly again with #32. Thanks.
  13. It worked for me, but I wouldn't call it "fully functional". "Version" macro did not work for me, so in a .zip file in custom mods folder I renamed the folder from 'version' to 0.9.16 and then it worked.
  14. Aslain, I have absolutely no problems with players panel as it is, just needed the option to show full nicknames (and clan tags). Since there is a way of doing that (as Quacksen pointed out) there is no reason to change your default settings. Editing one text file really isn't a big hassle, and in your place I would ignore the whiners.
  15. One more thing, I have to commend your fast response and dedication to my query. You are a gentleman and a scholar, sir. Thanks again.