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  1. broken mod -- not displaying in game

    it used 2..havent changed my selection in last few patches..i just update and install without checking any new boxes i reinstalll and change to v1 then..thks forr answering
  2. broken mod -- not displaying in game

    file attached and yes i have the show team line up box checked Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip screenshots attached to show no panels and box ticked
  3. hi there, i just updated and been using same mod for a while now so i know it usuallly works. under player panel mods -- the side panels by BADoBEST v1 is not displaying when in game. no panel displays at all on screen and it shows blank.
  4. As the title suggests could a crosshair be designed where the time to target and range numbers be enlarged or coloured so they are more easilyt read? It would help with snap shots if u could more easily see the range number/time to target to line yre shot up. for consideration. cheers