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  1. Sniper

    newest download not showing in game

    Now this is what I'm talking about thank you Aslain !!
  2. Sniper

    Crosshair issue

    This Mod I'm having issue with and this what I see once I'm in battle .Can you please help me set it up . Usually it just added it in to WoWS but this mod is not working or I don't know how to set it up one of the two.
  3. Sniper

    Ship Contour icons issue

    They use too . It worked in 7.9.00 to 7.9.05 before the update to 7.10 Why not now ?
  4. Still having an issue with the Golden Premium ship mod It's still not working for me . Also where are all of the crosshairs mods at I miss them .
  5. Sniper

    help me please

    I haven't seen this kind of mod before . And I know how we can get use to mod's that we like and I do not know if Aslain could get that mod to work if so great . But there others mod's in there that is similar to that mod like the shells & tracers by Blackskull this is the one I use . Also Shells & tracers by Butterkeks this is the closes one I can find that comes close to the mod that you wanted . I do hope everything works out for you Good luck in finding the mod your looking for.
  6. Sniper

    wows mod doesnt work

    Did you try to run it in Admin .
  7. Sniper

    newest download not showing in game

    Ok I've got one in Ship Contour icons Gold premium ship icon . Is not working PS would be nice if we had more cross hair's to choose from to .
  8. Sniper

    Aslains Mod issue

    Well Hockey puck !!!!
  9. Sniper

    Aslains Mod issue

    Hey guy's where is the Mod that let's you know where the shot's are coming from at if it's in there please point it out because I didn't see it in there like it was before . It's the one called " Hit Marker " is that right if so I can't find it .
  10. Sniper

    Aslains Mod issue

    Thx I've got it fixed now . I don't know how I did it but it's fixed .
  11. Sniper

    Aslains Mod issue

    Here is what I'm talking about
  12. Sniper

    Aslains Mod issue

    On the ribbons Mod the ribbons are coming up on the battle page up and down not side to side . Please give them a look-see .
  13. Sniper

    7.9.0 Startup bug

    Well I'm not using the skins and I'm crashing on login

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