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  1. Clan tags / logos or icons

    Okay I got the icon coming up in game play up by my name But there is not one on the ship it's self . Will or is there a way to see it on the ship too?
  2. Clan tags / logos or icons

    is that in the Aslain mods or in the WoWS game ?
  3. Clan tags / logos or icons

    Okay then how do I know what mods works with the clan icons ? And Also why don't them work with all the mods or will they soon?
  4. Just got finish logging in the new Aslain up dates for WoWs and I click on the Clan icon hoping that they would work . But when I went to WoWs to see them well wile I was in port I didn't see my clans icon. Did I do Something wrong?
  5. Clan tags / logos

    Okay now you have the right size how long will it take to get this up and running ? just " Curious George " here.
  6. Clan tags / logos

    Ok now lets try this one . Also is there anyway that you could replace this one for the Aslain logo too?
  7. Clan tags / logos

    It is a 24x24 png
  8. Clan tags / logos

    Can we use this one instead ? because I was not able to find the other one.
  9. Clan tags / logos

    ok looking for it now
  10. Clan tags / logos

    Ok what to you need from me ? Or you able to use the logo you have in Aslain ? If not please let me know what you need and I'll try to fine you one that will work .
  11. Clan tags / logos

    Well all I know is that the logo that I put in WOT is the one that you have here in Aslian and I can see that some of the other clans are showing up in WoWS but mine. And I did not understand why ?
  12. Clan tags / logos

    Here is my clans tag is DDCO and this is what it stands for " Dirty Deeds Company "
  13. Clan tags / logos

    Here is my clans tag or logo that I would like to sponsor my clan.
  14. Clan tags / logos

    Is there anyway that you could add my clan tag / logo like it shows up like the other clans do ?