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  1. Sniper

    Ship Contour icons issue

    It's working now had to add the new gold mod to get it to work .
  2. Sniper

    Ship Contour icons issue

    Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip okay I hope this works .
  3. Sniper

    Ship Contour icons issue

    Okay how can I do this ? When I have this to work with .
  4. Sniper

    Ship Contour icons issue

    And How Do I Do That ?
  5. Sniper

    Ship Contour icons issue

    This is what I'm looking for . and this is what happens every time Wargaming dose an update and Aslain do there update for the first time . Can you please help me fix these issue please ?
  6. Sniper

    Ship Contour icons issue

    That's funny they were working just fine before the update . It seems that this happens to me every time when Wargaming does a new update .It takes Aslain's developers 3 to 4 Aslain updates before it kicks in and starts working for me . For instance like the last update 7.10 that wargaming did it took Aslain 4 updates like 7.10.101, 7.10.02 , 7.10.03 7.10.04 , 7.10.05 , once Aslain gets to 7.10.10 then every thing started working for me as you know from past history . Not I don't appreciate all the you are doing It's seem it take a bit longer for it to kick in on my end .
  7. Sniper

    Ship Contour icons issue

    Okay that's great but I'm still having issues with it not working and also the hit marker and the ziess incline is not working to . I have more do you want me to go on ?
  8. Ok guys Contour Icon gold mod is not working for starters I will get back with other not working mods .
  9. I am having a issue with my ship commanders on some of my Foreign ship not speaking English Now I've did every thing that war-gaming tech support ask me to do . But I still getting the Russian , Italy , Japan and French commander speaking in there own language . I need all of my commanders to speak English is there anyway how to fix this issue . And not can ASLAIN find a mod that fix this issue ? I'm getting tired of listening to a ship Commander that does not speak English I use the NA sever and I expect to hear English words come out of my speakers not any other Foreign language .
  10. Sniper

    Mod's issue

    These Mod's are not working for me . Please take a look at them for me .
  11. Sniper

    newest download not showing in game

    Okay try this go to your game setting and go to you Controls setting and look for the Display setting and make sure you have a check mark on it just like here in yellow . If you don't have it check mark it will not work . Now if that won't work try turning off your firewall before you download Aslain and see if that will work. PS the ones in red are Optional .
  12. Sniper

    wows mod doesnt work

    No mine is working do you have a firewall running on your PC if so try turning it off then run Aslain see if that will work.
  13. Sniper

    newest download not showing in game

    Now this is what I'm talking about thank you Aslain !!
  14. Sniper

    Crosshair issue

    Okay thx
  15. Sniper

    Crosshair issue

    This Mod I'm having issue with and this what I see once I'm in battle .Can you please help me set it up . Usually it just added it in to WoWS but this mod is not working or I don't know how to set it up one of the two.

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