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  1. In the Customized Tracer Contrails " Main Guns " Is there anyway you could change the color or add more colors to the main guns line than just having a green line ? Because I loose it in the shy sometimes .
  2. Something like this one Is there anyway that you can move and shrink the font to the damage received and cause to where it's not causing an issue to the "Shift , Space , Num . And at the upper left corner too.
  3. Damage received and Cause issue

    Hey that worked thx I didn't know you could do that again thx
  4. However you do need to have over 1,000 Random battles.And Teamspeak 3 is mandatory have to join . Now if you do or don't have it fell free to message me . But yes you do need Teamspeak 3 to join our clan . Also you need come into TS three times a week minimal .
  5. Clan tags / logos

    Is there anyway that you could add my clan tag / logo like it shows up like the other clans do ?
  6. Flag Pole

    Is there anyway that Aslain be able to put a flag pole on our ship so we could Fly our Clan flag on the flag pole ?
  7. And How do I get rid of it ?
  8. What in the world is this ?

    I don't understand . Why can't the Russian's Have it in English . Don't they know that this is a Global website ? I mean Come on and get with the program. Now to the nitty-gritty how do I open the filter ? never mind I found it Thx
  9. Add clan icon

    It is DDCO it's on the Logo / Tag
  10. Add clan icon

    Is there any way I could change our Clan Logo to this ? PS. I on the NA server
  11. Yepper I'm to having the same issue
  12. WoWS test server mods

    WoWS has a test server up now for WoWs members to test out the ships before they do the grind up to the ships in the WoWs main server. Is there any way that you could please make an Aslain mod in the test server just like you have one in the main server ?
  13. To Aslain

    Now I do know you do your best in trying to keep your Mods. up and running in its best quality. Now sometimes we get an hiccup in the Aslain system that we as some members might get and cause them to voice an issue . And I do know I'm one of those members that can be a thorn in your side at times . But that doesn't mean I don't apperciate all the hard work you put in to making these mods work . From the bottom of my heart Thx .
  14. No Ships in port

    Some how I can't see my ships Is this Aslain doing or WoWS ?
  15. No Ships in port

    I think this might be what your looking for Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  16. No Ships in port

    well If I could remember how to give you the files that your asking for I would . But you have to understand that this is not a current event .
  17. No Ships in port

    I'll just wait for the new update . because I didn't have any issue in the last version with my Avast antivirus system and I shouldn't have to do that's Aslains job . I will just be patient and wait it out.
  18. No Ships in port

    I just did an del. it and reinstall it and wait until Aslain puts out v.6.14.01 and hopefully that he gets the bugs worked out of it.
  19. No Ships in port

    refresh my memory on that I forgot how to do that .
  20. Add clan icon

    in General or all above me as a member
  21. Add clan icon

    Well just because your getting more EU icons than NA icons don't mean that you need to neglect the NA server. It would be nice that you would treat both server as equal.
  22. WoWS updates issues

    Yes that was the fix I needed thx a lot .
  23. Is there anyway you can fix this issue for me please or tell me how to fix it the right way because this is killing my eyes.
  24. WoWS updates issues

    No have not tried that yet . Will do it now
  25. WoWS test server mods

    Well Hockey Puck .