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  1. Sniper

    Z-39 DD

    This ship is a premium ship but in the port it's not showing it as a premium ship when I have my Gold premium ship mod on .
  2. Ok ok I get it . If you really don't have the time to do it then I understand you can't handle the workload it's okay . I was just saying it would be nice if we just had a 2-3 level carousel just to have that and only that would work for me is that asking to much ? If so don't worry over it I will have to do with out. And it's Okay
  3. Well I wish you will reconsider it . When started WoWS I was so glad that you did a mod package I sure love it and hope you find the time to do it for WoWP to .
  4. Ok I'm confused on this issue I was always told if you build it they will come .
  5. So I guess Aslains is not going to do a WoWP mods like he did the WoT and for WoWS ?
  6. See this is what I like about Aslains mods once you download his mods they are no configuration to do you just download the mod and your good to go. But there no Aslains mods for WoWP and all the mods out there for WoWP you have to do the configuration to get them to work and if you don't know what you are doing you can screw up your game where you can't play it and have to uninstall it and then reinstall it if you want to still play the game . To me this is why I like Alains he takes away all the headache in the mods issue and I thank him for doing just that . So I do hope and pray that he will do one because when he does it he does it right the first time well most of the time . and I don't have to go through all the other mods trying to figure out which mod works and which mod doesn't . And have to uninstall it and then reinstall issue. PS Alains has it going on when it comes to doing mods right I think there no one that can do it better when it come to gathering up all the mods and put them all together and I know I can trust him on doing just that . This is why I will not try to download another mod that right Alains you have got me hook line and sinker with the mod configuration your the man on this. and I do hope he will make a mod package up for WoWP. Now I'm going to get off my soap box .
  7. Sniper

    World of War Plains

    I'm not sure on that I think about the same as the others . but I don't want to lie to you and say they do and they don't if you know what I mean.
  8. Sniper

    World of War Plains

    How come Aslain hasn't made any mods for WoWp ? It would be nice if he could do some I'm starting to play it and I like the way he did them in WoWS is there anyway that he could make some up for the WoWP ?
  9. Sniper

    GUI elements Mod issue

    Is there anyway that you could light up the torpedo housing too . Just like you did the cannon housing ?
  10. Sniper

    GUI elements Mod issue

    Well it would be nice that it did and it would help me out if that the torpedo housing lit up too just like the connon housing.
  11. Sniper

    GUI elements Mod issue

    please explain how this is not an issue . Well I thought that the torpedo housing was a weapon it should light too right ?
  12. Something like this one Is there anyway that you can move and shrink the font to the damage received and cause to where it's not causing an issue to the "Shift , Space , Num . And at the upper left corner too.
  13. Sniper

    Mods issue

    This mod keeps moving to small font to large font when I use my right and left Arrow Keys . I would to send you all the stuff that you need to fix this issue but I've forgot how. If you want me to help you . I need you to help for me to help you .
  14. Sniper

    Mods issue

    I've been told by my members that when I'm in a Div. or Clan wars every time I move my mouse it keeps sending a text message to game chat but I can't see it. Also when I move my mouse my num lock button turns on and off without me touching it . What can you do to fix this issue ?
  15. Sniper

    Mods issue

    Whatever you did to fix the issue it worked my members told me that that they don't see the message in game chat any more. And I've not had the num lock turning off and on well not just yet .
  16. In the Customized Tracer Contrails " Main Guns " Is there anyway you could change the color or add more colors to the main guns line than just having a green line ? Because I loose it in the shy sometimes .
  17. Sniper

    Damage received and Cause issue

    Hey that worked thx I didn't know you could do that again thx
  18. However you do need to have over 1,000 Random battles.And Teamspeak 3 is mandatory have to join . Now if you do or don't have it fell free to message me . But yes you do need Teamspeak 3 to join our clan . Also you need come into TS three times a week minimal .
  19. Sniper

    Flag Pole

    Is there anyway that Aslain be able to put a flag pole on our ship so we could Fly our Clan flag on the flag pole ?
  20. And How do I get rid of it ?
  21. Sniper

    What in the world is this ?

    I don't understand . Why can't the Russian's Have it in English . Don't they know that this is a Global website ? I mean Come on and get with the program. Now to the nitty-gritty how do I open the filter ? never mind I found it Thx
  22. Sniper

    Add clan icon

    It is DDCO it's on the Logo / Tag
  23. Sniper

    Add clan icon

    Is there any way I could change our Clan Logo to this ? PS. I on the NA server
  24. Yepper I'm to having the same issue

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