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  1. Still having an issue with the Golden Premium ship mod It's still not working for me . Also where are all of the crosshairs mods at I miss them .
  2. Sniper

    Ship Contour icons issue

    They use too . It worked in 7.9.00 to 7.9.05 before the update to 7.10 Why not now ?
  3. Sniper

    help me please

    I haven't seen this kind of mod before . And I know how we can get use to mod's that we like and I do not know if Aslain could get that mod to work if so great . But there others mod's in there that is similar to that mod like the shells & tracers by Blackskull this is the one I use . Also Shells & tracers by Butterkeks this is the closes one I can find that comes close to the mod that you wanted . I do hope everything works out for you Good luck in finding the mod your looking for.
  4. Sniper

    wows mod doesnt work

    Did you try to run it in Admin .
  5. Sniper

    newest download not showing in game

    Ok I've got one in Ship Contour icons Gold premium ship icon . Is not working PS would be nice if we had more cross hair's to choose from to .
  6. Sniper

    Aslains Mod issue

    On the ribbons Mod the ribbons are coming up on the battle page up and down not side to side . Please give them a look-see .
  7. Sniper

    Aslains Mod issue

    Well Hockey puck !!!!
  8. Sniper

    Aslains Mod issue

    Hey guy's where is the Mod that let's you know where the shot's are coming from at if it's in there please point it out because I didn't see it in there like it was before . It's the one called " Hit Marker " is that right if so I can't find it .
  9. Sniper

    Aslains Mod issue

    Thx I've got it fixed now . I don't know how I did it but it's fixed .
  10. Sniper

    Aslains Mod issue

    Here is what I'm talking about
  11. Sniper

    7.9.0 Startup bug

    Well I'm not using the skins and I'm crashing on login
  12. What happen to all of my ship contour icons when Aslain did the new update to 7.8.01 he didn't included them how come . Because now when I'm in the game I can't see my ship or any ship in the top left or right corners like they were before he did the update .
  13. Sniper

    Ship Contour icons

    You would think that if Aslain would be able to have Hakabase on the screen panel . He could do the ship Contour icons to right ?
  14. Sniper

    Ship Contour icons

    Well crap!!!! Okay then what is next best in line other than the Hakabase Mods then ? because the ones that in Aslains Mod pack I'm not to fond of .
  15. Sniper

    Ship Contour icons

    Is Aslain going put in the Hakabase Contour Ship Icon Mods in Too ? I really like that mod a lot it would be nice if he could do that .
  16. Sniper

    Z-39 DD

    This ship is a premium ship but in the port it's not showing it as a premium ship when I have my Gold premium ship mod on .
  17. Ok ok I get it . If you really don't have the time to do it then I understand you can't handle the workload it's okay . I was just saying it would be nice if we just had a 2-3 level carousel just to have that and only that would work for me is that asking to much ? If so don't worry over it I will have to do with out. And it's Okay
  18. Well I wish you will reconsider it . When started WoWS I was so glad that you did a mod package I sure love it and hope you find the time to do it for WoWP to .
  19. Ok I'm confused on this issue I was always told if you build it they will come .
  20. So I guess Aslains is not going to do a WoWP mods like he did the WoT and for WoWS ?
  21. See this is what I like about Aslains mods once you download his mods they are no configuration to do you just download the mod and your good to go. But there no Aslains mods for WoWP and all the mods out there for WoWP you have to do the configuration to get them to work and if you don't know what you are doing you can screw up your game where you can't play it and have to uninstall it and then reinstall it if you want to still play the game . To me this is why I like Alains he takes away all the headache in the mods issue and I thank him for doing just that . So I do hope and pray that he will do one because when he does it he does it right the first time well most of the time . and I don't have to go through all the other mods trying to figure out which mod works and which mod doesn't . And have to uninstall it and then reinstall issue. PS Alains has it going on when it comes to doing mods right I think there no one that can do it better when it come to gathering up all the mods and put them all together and I know I can trust him on doing just that . This is why I will not try to download another mod that right Alains you have got me hook line and sinker with the mod configuration your the man on this. and I do hope he will make a mod package up for WoWP. Now I'm going to get off my soap box .
  22. Sniper

    World of War Plains

    I'm not sure on that I think about the same as the others . but I don't want to lie to you and say they do and they don't if you know what I mean.
  23. Sniper

    World of War Plains

    How come Aslain hasn't made any mods for WoWp ? It would be nice if he could do some I'm starting to play it and I like the way he did them in WoWS is there anyway that he could make some up for the WoWP ?

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