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  1. WoWS updates issues

    Yes that was the fix I needed thx a lot .
  2. Is there anyway you can fix this issue for me please or tell me how to fix it the right way because this is killing my eyes.
  3. WoWS updates issues

    No have not tried that yet . Will do it now
  4. WoWS test server mods

    Well Hockey Puck .
  5. WoWS test server mods

    WoWS has a test server up now for WoWs members to test out the ships before they do the grind up to the ships in the WoWs main server. Is there any way that you could please make an Aslain mod in the test server just like you have one in the main server ?
  6. Just got finish logging in the new Aslain up dates for WoWs and I click on the Clan icon hoping that they would work . But when I went to WoWs to see them well wile I was in port I didn't see my clans icon. Did I do Something wrong?
  7. Clan tags / logos or icons

    Okay I got the icon coming up in game play up by my name But there is not one on the ship it's self . Will or is there a way to see it on the ship too?
  8. Clan tags / logos or icons

    is that in the Aslain mods or in the WoWS game ?
  9. Clan tags / logos or icons

    Okay then how do I know what mods works with the clan icons ? And Also why don't them work with all the mods or will they soon?
  10. Clan tags / logos or icons

    ok you lost me.
  11. Clan tags / logos

    Is there anyway that you could add my clan tag / logo like it shows up like the other clans do ?
  12. Clan tags / logos

    Okay now you have the right size how long will it take to get this up and running ? just " Curious George " here.
  13. Clan tags / logos

    Ok now lets try this one . Also is there anyway that you could replace this one for the Aslain logo too?
  14. Clan tags / logos

    It is a 24x24 png
  15. Clan tags / logos

    Can we use this one instead ? because I was not able to find the other one.
  16. Clan tags / logos

    ok looking for it now
  17. Clan tags / logos

    Ok what to you need from me ? Or you able to use the logo you have in Aslain ? If not please let me know what you need and I'll try to fine you one that will work .
  18. Clan tags / logos

    Well all I know is that the logo that I put in WOT is the one that you have here in Aslian and I can see that some of the other clans are showing up in WoWS but mine. And I did not understand why ?
  19. Clan tags / logos

    Here is my clans tag is DDCO and this is what it stands for " Dirty Deeds Company "
  20. Clan tags / logos

    Here is my clans tag or logo that I would like to sponsor my clan.
  21. turn replays recording

    SEARCH World of Warships Enabling Replays in World of Warships Please be aware that with each new version and micro patch, replays from previous versions become un-viewable with the newest version of the client. Replays are useful for reviewing your games and adjusting your strategy, as well as for several support needs such as submitting bug reports and some rule violations. To turn replays recording ON: Now I saw this in Aslain a few times but it's not in there now And I'm having an issue trying to get it up and running . It was so nice to have if I needed to send a screen shot to Wargaming Sense I don't have a screen shot tab on my PC. So can you please put it back in for me please ?
  22. Hey everyone how do you like the Rank Battles in WoWS please let me know if you think its rigged ?
  23. Mod issue

    Having an issue downloading the new Aslain Mod Somehow when I click on the download link #1 [direct] this come's up This site can’t be reached eu25.gamersplatoon.com refused to connect. Go to http://gamersplatoon.com/ Search Google for eu25 gamersplatoon Aslain's WoWs Modpack Installer ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED what do I do now?
  24. Mod issue

    What for Some of us donate to him to keep up with the Jonesses . Well I guess we can stop sending in them in if he is going to take a break. Well it just might be easier if he did Wot on a Thursday and WoWS on a Wednesday just a thought. If he is having an issue doing it all in one day.
  25. The Detailed Damage Indicator is not working properly . I have ships hitting me that the Damage Indicator is not picking up the last battle I was in it only showed One ship that I receive damage from and I saw at least two other ships hit me and did damage to my ship . Now It makes me wonder if it's the same way on the given side too? But either way it need to be looked into.