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  1. Ashvins

    Automatic update

    IMO that is just being Lazy. Aslain is ONE person who makes the mod pack. Not a company like Wargaming with a shit ton of people working on a game. No he does not make all the mods but he does make a few of them and put's all of them together in the mod pack. This is all done for FREE on his own time. Additionally, if you simply run your current version of the installer it will check for and update. If there is one it will take you to the download page and with ONE click you can download the new installer. With a 2nd click you can install it and a 3rd to run it. So if your too lazy to click your mouse 3 times then I'm glad I'm not part of your sad "I want everything for nothing life". Complaining about 3 click's on your mouse for a free mod pack is the height of laziness.
  2. So I've been using your Mod pack for over a Year with no problems until now. Everything seems fine until the "Finishing Installation" phase of the installer's code. It starts the final cleanup then freeze's. I have tried cutting down the mods to just one but it still happens. I have to use task manager to quit the installer and afterwards In the res_mods folder the clean_up.bat file is still there. I've looked through the log files your Archive program creates but the installer.log and installer-Options.inf files are from the previous install on the 19th. All the rest have the current date. I've tried all the different Direct download and the torrent versions of the installer thinking one might have been corrupt. To no avail. WoW's integrity check shows no errors. I'm at a loss here. log files are included as per your request, but I doubt they will do any good, considering the log file's needed are from the last install. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  3. Ashvins

    Master Port Collection not working

    So the Hakabase ship contours is what is causing the text errors on the new campaign stuff. Will test the others to see if they cause any other problems.
  4. Ashvins

    Master Port Collection not working

    Getting the same thing. Also the text for the new campaign's is messed up. showing "IDS_CAMPAIGN_TEXT" where the campaign name should be. Will try to figure out which mod is causing the issue. With the extent of the changes and new ships it will take a few days to work out all the bugs this patch has caused in the mods. Please don't complain but do let people know which mods are not working properly.

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