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  1. release info for Aslain mod installer File: Include 1 camouflage.xml and 10 dds file in /content/gameplay/common/camouflage/textures structure https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qvSDNOF53zAJJ7dM4rsSw3imXP5UI1zH Download size(compressed) 1 MB Install size: 64.5 MB Title: Historical IJN DDs Mod (Tier 6 -10 IJN DDs) by [KA]sual Description: Modifies the appearance of Permanent & Type 5 camouflage of Tier 6 - 10 IJN Destroyers to their Historical Appearances with calibrated hull colours, markings at their bows and unique katakana markings. Notice: Not compatible with any mod that modifies /res_mod/camouflage.xml Preview card for installer: Dimension 1280 * 720 Release info for installer ends here ----------------------------------------------------------------- Forum post Historical IJN DDs camouflage mod with markings & numbering by KAsual !!! In memory of those departed ------------------------------------------ wowsg GmbH proudly presents Historical IJN DDs mod with markings & numbering by [KA]sual This mod alters the visual appearances of Premium IJN DD ships into historical appearances with Markings on Hull and Funnelss. The Hull color is also calibrated to accurately represent the original hue of paint used by the ports where they were built and based off. ------------------------------------- Ships modified 6 Fubuki Hatsuharu Shinomeme 7 Akatsuki Shiratsuyu 8 Kagerou Akizuki Asashio 9 Yuugumo 10 Shima Preview: Preview the mod at https://imgur.com/a/mfzXdZg Tier 6 Fubuki Maizuru Color Scheme Marking "20", "フブキ" Tier 7 Akatsuki (as Hibiki) Maizuru Color Scheme Marking "6", "ヒビキ" Tier 6 Premiums Shinonome Sasebo Color Scheme Marking "12", "シノノメ" Tier 7 Shiratsuyu Sasebo Color Scheme Marking "9", "シラツユ" Tier 8 Asashio (spelt as Asashiho on hull) Sasebo Color scheme Marking "アサシホ" Tier 8 Akizuki Maizuru Color Scheme Marking "アキヅキ" Tier 8 Kagero Maizuru Color Scheme Marking "18", Marking "Kagerofu" 2 rings on second funnel Tier 9 Yuugumo Yokosuka Color Scheme Marking "KAzagumo" Note that "Kazagumo" is used due to a lack of photo evidence of Yuugumo's original paint schemes. Tier 10 Shimakaze One Thick Ring on first funnel Three smaller ring on Second funnel Yes, no Katakana markings. No, this is not a joke. for more details, visit https://imgur.com/a/mfzXdZg ------------------------------------------------ Akatsuki presented as "Hibiki" Yuugumo presented as "Kazagumo" --------------------------------- Download: 0.7.10 Compatible with & Legacy Versions https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qvSDNOF53zAJJ7dM4rsSw3imXP5UI1zH Beta version available at https://my.mixtape.moe/uqcaqg.zip outdated Available soon on Aslain's mod pack 2018 Oktober 13
  2. [previewpicture] (500 px * 500 px ) [readme] This mod removes censorship on the Asia client. Presumably, this mod should work across all (future) versions of World of Warships(Asia Client). No further updates will be required; or the author would update it in case otherwise. //// Instruction: The file messenger_oldictionary.xml should be placed inside folder World_of_Warships\res_mods\ File: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BynOJQFWGUWCZE9QMXE0ZWRRaVU
  3. [KA]sual

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    There exist this thread on the Asia forum that provides some insight to how aiming works. Notice that the method illustrated in this post refers to the exact point of the shell target rather than using a reference point http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/20939-correlation-between-ship-travelling-speed-shell-flight-time-and-leading-of-shots/page__p__270679#entry270679

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