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  1. Alright well it does not work that way right now.
  2. Yes autoaim indication+. However isnt that silly? why press it twice, seems like a really dumb way to announce to your teammates that you are reloading, I tried it and it usually failed pressing double twice. Because either way it will work asa you say or not, and if it does not work you cannot announce anything for 5 seconds. I would rather suggest Autoloaders Press c once, DONT reload and announce shells left. Press c twice, reload and announce reload, but dont announce shells left if reloading. This can be fixed by checking if reloading or announce shells and then set a wait timer for 500-750ms to check before announcing. Normal: Press C Announce & reload
  3. So whenever I'm playing any autoloader or my batchat and I still have some rounds left lets say 2 or 3, and the hit C it will announce how many shells instead of saying reloading. Sometimes the reload appears too, but mostly it just says shells left and then it gives a warning about chat spam, this worked perfect in 9.16 but eversince 9.17 it has become bugged more or less.
  4. I know that but NOT when selecting what I just said. Sessions statictics and battle results messages [EN, PL] is sometimes broken when getting out from game and not converting battle results window.
  5. No sorry It worked fine here when tested. However what is not working fine is the Tank lights (Turn of the sun + Night sky) mod In rare scenarios you will get white screen depending on what way you look around, you will get a totally white screen. I searched a bit on google and found other webpage where others complain about it, screenshot. Fix is to toggle the sun with the hotkey which is normally ctrl+f12 for now Also can you please not remove saved selection of Display Results from previous battle (EN,PL,RU) [PMOD] When only selecting YasenKrasen sessions stats v1 [EN, PL] - This works fine and is better detailed information than Sessions statictics and battle results messages [EN, PL]
  6. What about this one? I tested works? https://github.com/Aimdrol/MLG-Hitmarker Found it in http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/476721-0917-gtos-mlg-mod-continued-by-aimdrol-marks-of-mailand-pl/
  7. I just updated to the latest version seems to be good now? Let me just be sure I will do some checks.
  8. I see I will for next time.. Btw. while you are at it. GTO Hitmarker is faded out you cannot select it in the installer.
  9. Shrinked to 0.8 does not work. Log -----------------[ Multilined Tank Carousel by XVM ]------------------------- normal carousel 4 normal rows Scale of carousel cells 0.8 (shrinked) Show advanced info on carousel Battle-Tiers, Mastery Mark, Marks of Excellence (in percent), Win Rate, Played battles, Average damage Log file: http://pastebin.com/DRifdDqM
  10. Hello this does not require any logging proof nor anything like that since I tested on several machines(helping friends) Those 2 addons is never saved/selected if you had them previous turned on/installed and updating with your installer. Display results from previous battle (EN/PL/RU)[PMOD] Crew Auto Return Also you cannot have this " Right side of HP bar " With " Stock turret maker " at the same time, this will not show checkmark/cross ingame if both installed Take my report as my appreciation and thanks for maintain this installer installer.