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    Historical Flags - Download Fail

    Thanks Aslain!
  2. Getting this error on North American pack. http://imgur.com/a/AwUPP

    [] Polandball Commanders - Community Update

    Agreed. His final message was sad and good only for a laugh. That, and he punished us by taking away this excellent mod! I promise I will never do this to all of you
  4. I am taking over the Polandball Commanders mod. The previous author used all publicly available sprites so there is nothing he can copywrite. Furthermore I rebuilt the entire directory from scratch by hand, so I cannot think of anything now that would impede me from re-releasing this. If I am wrong on that account, please inform me as to what I need to do in order to re-release this mod. ---------------------------------- Mod Name: Polandball Commanders - Community Update Author: BUILD_THE_WALL Preview Graphic: http://imgur.com/a/pwmOB Description: "The only commander mod you will ever need. Updated by the community after the old author tragically drowned in a flood of salt. There are two versions of this mod; one version leaves ARP captains alone while the other will replace the ARP captains as well. If you encounter errors or missing commanders please send a Reddit PM to www.reddit.com/u/Mod_Feedback_Bot" ---------------------------------- Polandball Commanders - Stock & ARP Ships - Community Update.rar Polandball Commanders - Stock Ships Only - Community Update.rar

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