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  1. celeb2k

    WoWs 0.5.16.x Infinite loading bug

    weird and annoying bug, coz it happen only sometimes. I'm not sure if it's map dependent (last issue on the North though). You can kill the game and start client once again with all present mods untouched and you will continue your game without issues. It happens only by initial game loading, when you should jump to your ship but you get stacked in the loading screen (can hear voices from surrounded ships, even your engine and bells). _Aslain_logs.zip
  2. Hi Aslain, I couldn't log into EU server, just NA. Then I've compared scripts_config.xml from ./res and from ./res_mods/ and this is the difference: <server online="true"> <host alias="WOWS ASIA" csis="http://csis.worldoftanks.asia/csis/wowssg"> <master addr="login.worldofwarships.jp:20020"/> </host> <host alias="WOWS NA" csis="http://csis.worldoftanks.com/csis/wowsus"> <master addr="login2.worldofwarships.com:20020"/> <master addr="login1.worldofwarships.com:20020"/> </host> <host alias="WOWS EU" csis="http://csis.worldoftanks.eu/csis/wowseu"> NOT WORKING <master addr="login.worldofwarships.eu:20020"/> <host alias="WOWS EU" csis="http://csis.worldoftanks.eu/csis/wowseu"> OK <master addr="login2.worldofwarships.eu:20020"/> <master addr="login1.worldofwarships.eu:20020"/> </host> </server> regards celeb2k
  3. Have the same, I guess 'Black citadel' mod is responsible for that. Once this mod only was disabled, I have team panels again. EDIT: seems all mod from the same section sharing hub_lib.swf file have this issue.
  4. celeb2k

    After Battle Screen not working

    DMG counter works fine, I've just turned off more mods 1st time, issue is just with Ship Contour Icons (Aslain's only?, hakabase's regular are OK).
  5. celeb2k

    After Battle Screen not working

    seems only Aslain's icons are bugged. I've switched to those Flamu uses and those are ok. In battle results icons of the ships are being used and I suppose there's some issue.
  6. celeb2k

    After Battle Screen not working

    Removed DMG counter (in game) and icons and after battle results are back.
  7. celeb2k

    Aslain's WoT ModPack v9.14.53 error

    and tomorrow Aslain will be hunted by WOWs players. Again sth like "When the F... will be the new modpack ready!"
  8. celeb2k

    5.3.2 Yet another zoom-out mod error

    nope, for now it seems all camera mods are broken.
  9. celeb2k

    RKI_Editor.exe Division by zero error

    It has been for a several months and it seems partly working anyway. Thanks for your work on mods, great job!
  10. Hi Aslain, every time I save settings on RKI Editor 5.2 on one of my PC (Win7_64, SK) I get "Division by zero" error: On my second PC (Win7_64, EN) everything is ok. Can be this related to localization of OS, or are there some prerequisites for RKI Editor (services, runtime environments, ... whatever)? Regards celeb2k _Aslain_logs.zip
  11. celeb2k


    confirming, had the issue with log-on - wheel was turning forever, after skipping this mod, everything is working fine. c2k
  12. something happened in 4.3.6 or 4.3.7 - till that time I've had no issue. Now I'm too facing random? crashes of application. edited: the new map = 3 crashes during one match, 4th when game finished (garage & results should be displayed). edited2: reverted back to 4.3.5 from 30th of April. So far NO CRASH HAPPENED!. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  13. celeb2k

    Log in is aborted after login screen

    To fix the issue just furn off Gnomefather's sound mod. Everything else is working fine.

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