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  1. I have two account installs for WOWS one standard and one on steam. The Help Me mod works on the standard but not on steam install. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  2. DLG-33

    Triple screens

    Triple screens does not seem to install correctly. I still have to copy and paste. Make it work.
  3. DLG-33

    [] Triple Screen UI Tweak

    Also how to get the after action report to fit on the center screen only?
  4. DLG-33

    [] Triple Screen UI Tweak

    anybody know where the chat settings are?
  5. DLG-33

    Update due to new patch

    Training room was not enabled
  6. DLG-33

    [] Triple Screen UI Tweak

    It does work so nice.Now if we could just get chat moved more towards the center.
  7. DLG-33

    [] Triple Screen UI Tweak

    so how do you do this. I down loaded the your battle layout.xml and pasted it to the res_mod no change in battle. A do you have to do this every time a patch comes out?

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