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  1. benjammn79

    Ports aren't working

    I need a facepalm emoji. I only have the Windows 10 antivirus but I turned it off and right clicked the installer and chose 'run as administrator'. Seems to have fixed the problems. Installer closed when it was done and the ports are selecting properly. I didn't install the 'no rust' this time mostly because it seemed to really slow down the installation. So I don't know if the camo issue was because improper installation or because of some sort of mod issue. Anyway, I appreciate your quick and (more importantly) accurate feedback. Thanks so much!
  2. benjammn79

    Ports aren't working

    I've never used Steam for WoWS or WoT. Does that have an effect on mods now? I had not used the clean up cache option when I installed the first time. So I reinstalled with the option and still encountered the same issue with port selection. Also, I didn't think much of it the first time, but the installer never actually closes. I had to use the task manager to end it the first time. I took a screen shot of it if that helps. It's still doing some sort of processing because it's dragged my system down significantly. I discovered two additional issues last night. The first is the mounted camo on my Fuso and Takao aren't appearing for me. I see the effects in the stats when viewing them in the port and teammates see the camo on my ship in battle. It's just not displaying for me. The other issue I ran into kinda pissed me off. I queued up for a battle, added to a battle, got to the loading screen and it never actually loaded into the battle. Just an eternal spinning icon (not the windows one, the WoWS one). I had to end WoWS with the task manager and reconnect, but I still couldn't get into the battle. I now have a "teamkill" penalty for inactivity because I never loaded in. I've never had any problems with WoWS before so I think I'll just uninstall the modpack. Which is disappointing because I used your WoT modpack for years without any issues. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  3. benjammn79

    Ports aren't working

    I love the variety of ports that the modpack offers. Installed some of the ports, but when I select a port and click save...nothing happens. The check mark moves to the selected port but that's it. I can't get out of the port window. It never updates the port. The game isn't actually locked because I can still select different ports but it never leaves the selection screen. I end up having to use task manager to close completely out of WoWS and restart the program. I don't use any other mods other than your modpack. Any ideas? Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  4. benjammn79

    Log in is aborted after login screen

    I can confirm that it's the sound mod. Was having the same CTD problems, reinstalled minus sound mod and works fine.

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