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  1. No problem Aslain, thanks for looking into it and providing a status update. Much appreciated.
  2. That's what I was figuring. Hopefully we're just waiting for an update and the mod author hasn't dropped it.
  3. This used to be in the modpack but I'm guessing we're waiting for an update on it?
  4. I have to agree, I appreciate all you do Aslain. I know it's a lot of work but it is appreciated greatly.
  5. I was thinking it was something like that. TY for the fast response, and the great work you've done with this mod.
  6. A patch or two ago we had a detailed damage log in the mod, it seems to have been removed when patch 6.0 came out. Any chance on getting that back in? It was nice to see who you'd hit and how much before you got to the post battle screens.
  7. One of the many questions on why something in Windows doesn't work well with something. Short answer: Bill Gates can't code.
  8. All the flags are messed up. IJN ships show Jolly Roger, US ships show Soviet ensign. Since this is the first build after the 6.1 patch I expect some bugs here and there.
  9. That's what I was thinking. I appreciate the work you've done here and continue to do for us. BZ!
  10. I was happy to see that mod added then it disappeared. Did something break?
  11. Bless you Mighty Aslain!
  12. None of the historical ensigns are correct for the early German and US ships. For example, every German ship has the war ensign from 1935-1945, earlier ships should have the Imperial war flag or the various interwar flags. US ships shouldn't all have 48 star flags either, anything that was built before 1912 should have 45 or 46 star flags. Any chance of adding a mod in your great modpack that has these?