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  1. No worries, was just pointing that out. Gl and have fun.
  2. You know the interior shots are on Alabama as well as almost all of the exterior shots. You can tell which exterior shots since Alabama doesn't have Nixie doors.
  3. only national voices work

    For some reason only national voices work. No more Japanese girls chatting on my ARP ships and no Segal either. Waiting for WG to fix that.
  4. Fails to launch

    Semper Fi SSGT!
  5. MM to Inches.....Please

    I didn't notice the timestamps when I posted that. That is nuts.
  6. MM to Inches.....Please

    Last post by author on that link was 14 hrs ago, he updated it to 0.6.14.
  7. 502 Bad Gateway

    You would think your antivirus would screw with everything or nothing but sadly, that's not always true. It might not have a problem with all but one item in the mod pack and give you that error, it might be ok with just one item and pop errors on everything else. One of the annoying things I run into in the IT world.
  8. Crosshairs not working

    I don't know how to use that one so I can't answer. I've just now sorta figured out how to use Skapel's.
  9. Crosshairs not working

    Make sure you read the notes for the crosshair you pick in the mod. You usually have to select a specific crosshair in game in order for the one you want in the mod to work.
  10. 12.1 DL links not working

    I just downloaded it with no problem. I always click on #4 and the direct option, not the link itself.
  11. I've used the Imperial Alert for the longest time, it hasn't worked (none of them have) for 5-6 patches now for me.
  12. Gun Caliber in Inches is in the current mod pack.
  13. My guess is it got broken with the last patch and hasn't been updated yet.
  14. Attempting to Quackify the entire game

    That is too cool! this would be amusing to add.
  15. X marks the spot

    Not really. If you're firing over a terrain feature at that blind target without a lock your shells are most likely going to impact the terrain feature. And the blind fire mode you're worried about isn't going to help you at all. I've tried that very thing more than once and if you manage to get any hits you're just plain lucky as hell.