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  1. [0.9.16] PhattyL's voice pack (working on 9.16)

    Hahaha, fair enough I just like this as I have a female crew faces mod. This way I have audio and image that match, and the audio is cool too. Instead of "They're on fire!", you get "That should make them a nice golden brown". Instead of "Enemy vehicle destroyed!" you get "Damn, someone got fucked up." These are not the only phrases, they're just an couple of quick examples.
  2. This is my resurrection of one of my favourite female voicepacks in the game, PhattyL. I noticed it dropped from Aslain's Modpack installer at some point, and I heard it was a bother to recreate these packs for the new system used in the newer versions. I found a good voicepack tutorial which turned out to not work, but a second one did and I've been enjoying the pack on my own client for a few days now. I got to where it worked by placing the voiceover.bnk file in %wotdirectory%\res\audioww, replacing the stock one already in there. Might be beneficial to either rename that file to voiceover_old.bnk or copy it elsewhere for safekeeping. If there is a way to do this via res_mods, that would probably be easier to use with the modpack. Don't forget to set voices to 'Standard' rather than 'National'. voiceover.bnk