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  1. Detection Mods missing

    Hi All I use blueman detection mod on WOW but none of the detection mods seem to be there ? Are they going to be added Cheers Pyro
  2. 6.12

    Any news on the update to 6.12 - cant see anything chat threads etc
  3. Arty farty

    Ive just played 3 arty battles and I wont be playing any more. I hit seven tanks for a total of 1400 hp and wn8 rate of ........ 746 awesome, but now heavies like the e100 are safer bets - personally I did like arty but under the update they are now just slow firing crap tanks the stun maybe good for other players but is doesn't count towards the wn8 rating Possible the worst update to a tank class ever So now concentrating on meds