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  1. Checked i dont have BO at all
  2. Malware bytes didnt find anything I'm inclined to think it's some genuine program running onto problems not a malicious software issue.
  3. I can't check right now don't have that comp with me but pmod indicator working fine except in spg mode. Does BO have indicator for spg only?
  4. i have a team hp pool mod i wish i knew which mod it came from...
  5. I dont thinks i have BO selected at all i couldn't find it, what does it do?
  6. He wrote BO twice in the post i meant the first time "one works with BO".
  7. I checked installer. Im pretty sure I only have pmod selected i couldnt even find a bo pen indicator im assuming when you wrote BO in last post you meant BA. Im referring to BA for SPG.
  8. No teamspeak here. Truth be told im pretty sure the problem is with my computer but for some reason entering a battle in wot is triggering it. I really dont know if its the modpack or not. That being said my computer problems only started when i downloaded modpack(almost a year ago) but unfortanutely for me i downloaded from 3rd party site and mightve have gotten something along with it...(my filter wasnt allowing me to access the direct links on your page since then my filter has relented) internet explorer randomly resets all the frequent sites it shows you on starting page every couple of hours but more importantly my computer goes into periods when nothing is using its power yet everything is frozen it can last for hours somtimes its most common when starting windows but i often have mild cases even when not starting it seems to me that entering battle in wot is simply triggering this as once in awhile i cant restart wot for 2-3 min as if its freezing up. no other programs trigger this behavior. The regualr over the counter virus software cant find anything wrong on my computer. Thank you.
  9. I really like the pen indicator I'm using now very clean, just pen/armor. I'm not actually sure it's mood I wold have to check in installer. Just wanted to know if there was anything compatible with battle assistant. Thank you
  10. Every couple of games the program simply closes when trying to load battle never at any other time I don't think problem existed before 9.17 Occasionally I won't be able to restart client or run most other heavy programs for a few minutes after it closes. I really don't know if this is modoack related.
  11. I was wondering if there was a way to get pmods penetration indicator to work with battle assistant. this could be very useful as many players (such as myself) are wholly unfamiliar with armor thickness of of turret tops and engine decks etc.. Also is there any mod that can tell you about spaced armor as well, The vanilla color indicator and pmod both show only the spaced armor or the tracks when it would be great to see thickness of both. Thank you.
  12. After using the new autoaim+ I have to thank you for including it. It is a huge improvement that basically solves my problem in its entirety. I tried to include replay of a game that would be almost impossible without it. Though I lost anyhow. locust heartbreak.wotreplay
  13. Thank You.
  14. I'm with Quaksen for all my opinions worth. Pretty ahrd to explain why it would be illegal and Wg takes forever to get back about things.
  15. "T" for requesting fire has been fixed in latest update and now works without having to highlight target. Thank you.