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  1. That makes much more sense A 5x multiplier. I was thinking my tank has 5 crew so XP/5 that didn't make sense. I thought 5X was only during a special and standard was 1X hence my mistake I'm pretty sure 5x used to be called a special but perhaps its a "standard" special. Thank You Quaksen Nice to see you as official moderator and not just a moderator in all but name...
  2. OK I figured out a little it seems that I only get XP/5 for each of my crew. I'm pretty sure it wasn't always like that ill recheck wiki It makes a tank with 2 crew as effective a crew trainer as tank with 6 crew. But still very strange is that accelerated crew training now only doubles(or triples in my case with the xp booster activated) XP/5 for a result of 2XP/5 this makes no sense isn't the whole idea of accelerated crew training to use that xp for your crew not only 20% of it. Perhaps game was always like this and I somehow never noticed.
  3. After some time of not noticing a real difference with accelerating crew training, I found myself trying to grind BIA on an Achilles radio operator (the radio operator is introduced in tier 6 in this line hence the BIA grind) after eliting the tank and checking accelerate crew training I expected to be done in no time especially when I activated 100% exp boosters which would now mean my radio operator get X3 crew XP every game. Yet it seemed to be taking me forever to grind so I finally actually checked I came up with this: added 2 minutes later I left the most recent battle window opened in background so you can clearly see I received 2114 experience + 1057 crew xp so I should be getting 3172 crew xp on my radioman but nope I got only about 825?????. Whats going on here, has someone already brought attention to this?
  4. same here I used to position above damge panel it moved there I changed to top of screen and all is good. Also It started changing color of damage dealt with a six color xvm scale just now. this all started btw 9.18.0#00 and #03
  5. My main point is not that that tanks are about equal they surely are not. Rather that there is nothing wrong with the random variety in the current matchmaker you win some you lose some. I repeat, having a 14% chance to win is a far worse problem and incidentally having a 84% chance to win is often just as bad...
  6. hey 1 minute there. LT were always weighed against LT so you mean 8 TDs against 8 fast meds c'mon I win the lottery that often.
  7. Thankfully they ran a togfest a few days ago where I was (finally) able to 3rd mark the Bishop and actually got what may be the highest dmg(4731) ever done in Bishop game (though I admit it wasn't a particularly good game had team help up a little better I prob could've done closer to 6.5K) Bishop 4731 lost.wotreplay bishop 3.5 dmg.wotreplay bishop RW.wotreplay Thers got to be someone somewhere that really knows how the m.o.e works I was able to do very high dmg consistently but its still wasn't enough to get 3rd mark while on other tanks dmg that high would've gotten it really easily.
  8. You probably don't paly arty much. But I'm about to watch my beloved Bishop who is doing 63% Wr (that's a nice carry tank not a RNG machine) become a tank that cant carry its own shoes...
  9. But PLEASE what was wrong with a little random variety in tank classes. 99% of those who chat "we have no heavies gg" don't have the foggiest notions of how to play the game. I'm not saying that its never a handicap only that it can be part of a healthy MM and is far less damaging then reds vs blues.
  10. I'm not too worried about those missions, 4 arties and above was a rare thing anyhow, besides with that line of reasoning you can argue those missions are easier now as MM will be more likely to put 3 SPG in any given match no more 12 battles in a row without 3 SPG. But that toon sends chills up my spine... Though I hear WG will only match a toon with a toon of similar tier (RIP short waiting times) so to make it better imagine purple toon VS red toon that'll be just great. But really what was wrong up to now I though MM was great for the most part.
  11. About MM as well is it just me but I saw nothing wrong with MM except at tier 4 and tier 3 a bit with a very low likelihood of being top tier and often at the bottom with a majority of higher tier tanks, But why kill the whole matchmaker? Whats wrong with some variety and actually getting to really be low tier and high tier? Imagine how rare top tier will become once every 5 games at best you will never do better than that. This also means that records will be harder to break now as there will simply be much less HP in a given game with any tank. Think about it. Also OP tanks will now be top tier by themselves much more often imagine a KV-1 or better yet a KV-220 as top tier every third tier 5 game. In higher tiers it wont be as bad as difference btw tiers is largest at lower tier which was a big part of reason MM was broken low tier in the first place. (A full health tier 3 tank played by a decent player has little chance against an average player playing in most tier 5 tanks with 25% health remaining this is not true in higher tiers). MM at lower tiers can be fixed by simply putting tier 5 and 6 in fewer games with tier 4 and tier 3.
  12. Is it just me, or are is WG trying to placate a few vocal arty haters? It really sucks when arty gets a good RNG shot into a LT or light med at full speed(these shots are often fired by tomatoes/bots and I would guess weren't fully aimed or even aimed at that particular spot particularly just lucky RNG) this happens but its hard to see how to fix that. Lets face it the majority of arty hits could be avoided with better play, I say this as an arty player. especially the tier 5-6-7 British arty or similar guns with very slow shell velocity. What they seem to be doing now is making it very hard to play lightly armored tanks with arty firing more often more accurately better aim time and huge splash. RIP active spotting. RIP the Bishop and fv304 who will know have an amazing 28.5mm penetration. it used to be a matter of skill to damage heavily armored veichles in those, no more. I guess RIP lefh as well. But woe unto you if you drive a tank without armor you will now be only target that can be hit...
  13. on the next run issue is back but I have solution now set it to 1.2 or 1.3 and voila! Nope no noticeable difference weird it scaled the first time then stopped again... its acting very weird it starts normal then snaps back to no scaling but if I then manually set scale even higher say to 150% then it acts like it has been set to roughly 125% very weird
  14. It seems to be scaling now though not the way it should I will have to test a few times. Where do I post the funny lag issue, new thread?
  15. I got it. It's not a bug. In the XVM section there's an option to change icon size I had it set to default 1.0 . Simple as pie only thing I would add is the "default" label is misleading in a case like mine where default scales with the rest of windows.