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  1. on the next run issue is back but I have solution now set it to 1.2 or 1.3 and voila! Nope no noticeable difference weird it scaled the first time then stopped again... its acting very weird it starts normal then snaps back to no scaling but if I then manually set scale even higher say to 150% then it acts like it has been set to roughly 125% very weird
  2. It seems to be scaling now though not the way it should I will have to test a few times. Where do I post the funny lag issue, new thread?
  3. I got it. It's not a bug. In the XVM section there's an option to change icon size I had it set to default 1.0 . Simple as pie only thing I would add is the "default" label is misleading in a case like mine where default scales with the rest of windows.
  4. I never fiddled with anything new computer downloaded wot then installer. I'm having another issue I never had with my old machine. sometimes it appears I'm lagging though my in game says its fine (steady at lets say 40 ms) sometims I actually lag out and cant transmit anything to the server though I still see whats happening around me withput any lag often when this happens I will lag out of client completely 15-20 sec later.(or at least start seeing lag issues show up clearly in the in game indictaor). Anyone have such a thing before perhaps this comuter is more sensitive to smaller connection drops somehow but why would that affect uploads more than downloads?(i.e. I cant fire but can see I'm being fired at) Thanks for any info. Again I have no idea if modpack has anything to do with this.
  5. How can I help with that? _Aslains_Installer_Options_.inf
  6. Is there anything else to upload or those files are all there is to know?
  7. Would really like to say thank you. And this seems to be the place I don't think I would be playing wot anymore without you
  8. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  9. I don't really know how to upload logs I will have to look around here to find where it was explained. I guess I could disable one mod at a time until I locate the problem myself. Even when wot does scale(i.e. in safe mode) Its far from a perfect experience. I didn't even think about it when going through the specs I was happy to be getting a 6th gen i5 with a 940m with all around good specs and what seemed like a decent screen albeit a slow 5400rpm HDD (I paid less than 400$ including shipping) I didn't realize FHD and 15.6 is a bad marriage. but it does seem many mid to high end laptops use 1080p. Mine is an acer e5 574G there must be at least 10 similar models from acer all with 1080p. None of the reviews or articles I read mentioned 1080p as a con because of small screen size. I was clueless about the way resolutions worked I thought you never need to scale when using native resolution so everything would be normal size but much sharper with 1080p. I only really noticed it when wot stopped scaling and went tiny but then I thought the problem was my machine and reinstalled windows. Eventually I read up more and realized 125% must be default at this size. I cant return the computer so I will have to get used to it somehow. You cant imagine how blurry many apps appear and even the ones that aren't blurry just don't feel right and are harder on the eyes. Really wish I would've stuck to 768p or gone for 17.3 inch where 1080p is more usable. BTW scaling seems to have a huge effect on fps(why?) I need to use it more but so far 100% getting 40-45 fps less than scaled at 125%. I'm googling around a bit, It appears 1080p is normal for 15.6 inch gaming laptops.
  10. Should I upload my logs? I'm assuming this would be a common problem for anyone running on high dpi screen. And again I must say that had I realized this before I got this computer I would've made sure to get a 768p screen. I would much rather have usable lower rsolution than high resolution where every webpage looks a bit off and some things are just totally fuzzy trade off is not nearly worth it.
  11. Thank you, Why didn't I realize that myself... Yes changing WOT.EXE. did help... But only for the original loading screen(the one with the awards on bottom) as soon as sign in screen loaded it reverted to disabled scaling... The next time I open it the settings have been changed on their own and loading screen doesn't scale either. But if I set both WOT(launcher) And wot.exe. to enabled scaling and run in safe mode, It does scale!. So modpack guilty after all.
  12. Sorry for explaining myself better before. of course the pictures looked normal to you I didn't tell you it was only a 15.6 inch.
  13. Turns out I can toggle Display scaling for each individual program in "properties". Pretty simple. Not sure why this setting changes on its own but its not hard to fix. Still not happy running at 125% but that's the automatic default for a 15.6 inch screen at 1920x1080., or else everything is just tiny. So I went ahead and enabled display scaling and sure enough launcher window opens to normal size albeit blurry text... But boom as soon as program runs it automatically disables scaling on its own. The next time you open launcher Its a tiny window because scaling has already been disabled. This I'm afraid is somehow triggered by the modpack as it doesn't happen before that. But there's a simple test, enable scaling start wot in safe mode, if its the modpack it wont disable scaling on its own... Hmmm.... When I do that launcher starts normal size(125% scaling) but program reverts to tiny(100%) and yet display scaling remains set at enabled in program properties, so much for my quick fix this is getting weird. I tried them both twice each with mods enabled program properties settings are changed automatically when you start program. In safe mode they are not but program still doesn't scale.... Coupled with the fact that this didn't happen in any of the tens of times I opened application before installing modpack... I hope this has some explanation.
  14. This is simply an issue of Wot not scaling. maybe I should complain to wg....
  15. Installed modpack. And wot still scaling nicely. A couple of minutes later restarted client and POOF wot refuses to scale again. I'm baffled