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  1. After using the new autoaim+ I have to thank you for including it. It is a huge improvement that basically solves my problem in its entirety. I tried to include replay of a game that would be almost impossible without it. Though I lost anyhow. locust heartbreak.wotreplay
  2. Thank You.
  3. I'm with Quaksen for all my opinions worth. Pretty ahrd to explain why it would be illegal and Wg takes forever to get back about things.
  4. "T" for requesting fire has been fixed in latest update and now works without having to highlight target. Thank you.
  5. If it willl work the way Quaksen explained that would really help for the most annoying aspects of vanilla version. I guess Ill have to just get used to not snapping naymore the old way though...
  6. Thank you Quaksen that would help me alot i'll download latest version
  7. I'm new here But wanted to hear your opinions about fixing autoaim indicator+ Autoaim snapping behind cover was recently declared illegal on wot forums by wg staff Aslain has since modified autaim indicator+ to comply I'm finding hard to play certain tanks wihtout this mod and am looking for way to fix mod to make it legal Shorcut "T" still works for requesting fire but you now have to have cursor directly on target, maybe this can't be fixed easily. More importantly snapping has many functions only one of which is locking on to enemies behind cover, some of the others- 1.ability to autaim instantly intead of having to place cursor over target. 2.sometimes it can be awkard to get cursor over target long enough to right-click, esp when your in a fast tank at full speed trying to lock onto small moving enemy tanks jumping ridge lines etc.. I find this 2nd point to be very very irritating in fast firing tanks where it can sometimes take several seconds to manage to lock on autaim, even though you have cursor over their silhouette several times because you cant left click in that milisecond, making it hard to focus on driving (The true purpose of autaim according to wiki) and missing opportunity for shots in fast tank (think m7, locust, t21 etc....) autoloaders and lower ROF guns dont suffer as much as you almost always want to be careful your hitting before you shoot anyhow. I know that it mihgt not be practical to program mod that can snap on but only if enemy silhouette is exposed, it is also possible that even this would give advantages unacceptable to wg (though the wording makes it sound like the problem is only that enemies are behind cover). But there might still be a simple improvment to snap autoaim within several seconds of having cursor over enemy silhouette(or even simpler autoaim snaps on to last silhouette your cursor highlighted if target is available) this would gretaly ease the really irritating cant snap autaim syndrome and cannot possibly be illegal. Thank you all for reading I would really like to hear what you think of the last point Also curious to hear if anybody else has same problem with fast quick firing tanks and vanilla autaim.
  8. It seems to me the fair play policy is quite clear that autaim snap is fine. As some tanks (think m7 and many lights) are much harder  to play without it , can it at least be a choice left to the indivual player and not removed from installer.


    I quote fair play policy here



    "Auto-aim, or “aimbots” that provide more functionality than the “aim lock” in the vanilla client, specifically those that aim at the enemy's weak spots or automatically lead the aim so the offending player can focus on maneuvering their tank" 


    snapping isn't mentioned, it's seems quite clear the advantage is having a more effective autoaim when target is locked on not ease of locking the target.


    Im new here I dont know correct place to ask this, but wanted to thank aslain for keeping this up been using the pack for awhile.

    1. Aslain


      Please discuss it on forum, on in my profile page :) Thank you.


      ps. snapping autoaim behind obstacles is illegal, and it was confirmed by WG.

    2. central