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  1. Aim reticle stuck at 3 o'clock position of turret

    If you look at the first post you'll see my screenshots where the interface is ideally limited to the middle monitor. It works by default at 5760x1080 with no issues. ... that is until the current version of WoT hit, what is this 9.17? They support it, they're just too lazy to fix it. Speaking of lazy, my ticket expired because I didn't run their scanning tool without mods and send it back to them in time.. I just stopped playing. Maybe I'll check back after a few updates.
  2. Aim reticle stuck at 3 o'clock position of turret

    Looks like that helps with the reticle, buuuuuuuut.... it pushes my HUD (heads up display) all the way to the far monitors. So I have to turn my head to the corner of the right monitor to check my map and alll the way to the left to read chat or see the teams' status.
  3. Aim reticle stuck at 3 o'clock position of turret

    Im not sure the exact sentence. But it was VERY similar to what i wrote up there and there were no swears or negativity. I would try to give somebody praise like 5 times in 5 different sentences and kept getting blocked, where All I could write was GG, hah. Please don't adjust it on my account though, I don't use that app much. All I care about is those guys that click the map 30 times. I HAAAAAATE that.
  4. Aim reticle stuck at 3 o'clock position of turret

    Yeah I had stopped using that chat blocker mod because it wouldn't let me write a lot of stuff. Sure some "Toxic" F You!!! stuff, but also stuff like, "Wow 3k damage, good job KV-2" And I'd get the "follow your own rules!" Blocked message. Too annoying to use for me. WG had me run the diagnostic and told me, hey you're using mods! While we don't recommend it, it's allowed. The told me to uninstall mods and run it again. Haven't gotten around to it yet. I've been playing at 1920x1080 fine though. It has something to do with the 5860x1080 resolution for 3 monitors, which affects A LOT of games unfortunately. Especially when they're new games or new updates
  5. I play on 3 monitors at 5860x1080. Since the 9.17 update the reticle that indicates my barrel's point of aim is located at the 3 o'clock high position to my turret. I tried adjusting all of the reticle options in the graphics settings but to no avail. If I change my graphics setting from 5860x1080 to 1920x1080 and then BACK to 5860x1080 my aim reticle will return, but my hud will no longer be limited to the middle monitor and span across all 3 monitors. So my map, chat, and the listing of the teams' players will be at the far ends of my side monitors. This will carry over into the garage interface. As far as I can tell I can play 1920x1080 fine. I did have the latest update of Aslain's modpack installed and tried various crosshairs from that. I also uninstalled/reinstalled WoT 2 times without installing the modpack and problem persists. I submitted a ticket to WoT but maybe you guys can help faster. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log