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  1. version: v.5.16.1_00 (not latest) with Realistic Big Waves I confirmed it has be fixed. (in training mode) That place is normal. The bottom is invisible. * I thought I had already sent this and now I just realized I had not, sorry.
  2. version: v.5.16.1_00 (not latest) with Realistic Big Waves I confirmed it was fixed. (in training mode) Archipelaggio, Fault Line: The battle started normally. North: Its graphics looks like not bugged.
  3. Thank you for reading and dealing. >really just one map? Have you tried all of them? No, sorry. I would mean, I have not encounterd bugged map else "Fault Line". I said "No problem" for only maps I have encounterd. > normal mode, is this intended? Yes. The old folder was renamed.
  4. PS: I found a screenshot. Probably "Neighbors".
  5. This mod makes waves more heavy, but... On some MAPs(I forget which is), this mod makes the bottom of the sea visible. I think too shallow sea of WoWs MAP causes this.
  6. Environment: Win7x64, Asia "Realistic Big Waves (beta version)" in Aslain's WoWs Modpack[various mods] has a serious bug. The Modpack version is v5.16.0 #00(latest). I have never used any mods else this modpack. This mod hinders loading one of MAPs. With this mod, I cannot play the MAP. - On "Fault Line" MAP, loading doesn't start(The progress bar doesn't proceed absolutely). I've encountered this MAP 3 times and it occurred in all case. - Restarting WoWs was not effective. - Restarting with safe mode was effective. Loading and battle started. - I tried playing "Fault Line" MAP in training mode: -- with this mod, loading didn't start. -- without this, loading started and I could play the MAP. - On other MAP, there is no problems I saw. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log PS: "Check and repair game integrity" was not effective.

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