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  1. Installation after WG update

    Thank you, now, i wanted to be sure. Regards
  2. Installation after WG update

    Hi, I'd like to know if it's worth uninstalling the modspack before WG updates (we assume that we know the updating date), or if we can install the new modspack directly over the former one, after WG updating in order to keep the settings. Cheers.
  3. Unsuitable version of the installed client detected

    In the same time! Brand, brand new one! It's working fine. Thank you.
  4. Hi, After the last WoW's update, i uninstalled the modpack V.6.8.00, and installed the brand new one (v.6.8.003). This error messages poped up : The installations had continued without any other errors. But the modpack is no longer working. I did a WGCheck just before, and one client file has been replaced.
  5. Correct french translation for ribbons

    Hi, Thank you, i gonna ask him. Best regards.
  6. Correct french translation for ribbons

    Hi, Wow, ok, let's forget it! Thank you for the explaination, i had no idea it was so complicated (i'm not a US president).
  7. Correct french translation for ribbons

    Originals ribbon's texts and below, a correction :
  8. Correct french translation for ribbons

    Hi, All texts in the game are originally in Russian, translated in English, then retranslated in French. Unfortunatly the most part of the vocabulary used for the ribbons is incorrect with syntax/grammar/spelling mistakes and eventually quite ridiculous (*). So if a modder is avalaible to look at the problem, i'll be glad to give him the correct and argued translation for the ribbons. Best regards. (*) The french voice ingame tells bullshit with sometimes a tone that suggest an invitation for sexuals priced practices
  9. Historical Flag Mod Extension

    Hello, Thank you. Now the same kind of bug, with the same mod, "none" is selected in the same time :
  10. Historical Flag Mod Extension

    Hello! When Historical Flag Mod Extension (by MasaruKondera) is selected, it select also automatically "Flags My Little Pony (by MajorRenegade), so the historicals flags are replaced with little pony's flags With Aslains_WoWs_Modpack_Installer_v.6.4.0_01.exe Best regards.
  11. WoWS

    Hi, I hope it's not THE flu, i got it as a kid, it's a though stuff.