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  1. Yep... Same here. It's not bothering me as much as the reticule thing was though. Anyone know if there's a way to move the mini map and damage panels to a different position?
  2. Hey AwwSkiSkiSki, i may have found a solution to our aiming reticule issue. I usually run 3 monitors in full screen mode, but when i changed it to windowed mode (without borders), the voila! the reticule is back where it belongs! i've played several times over several days, and it's working fine. Hope that helps you!
  3. Hi! i have been having the same problem for a few weeks now. I didnt even realize the aiming reticule was at the 3 o'clock position until i read this thread. all i knew was that i couldnt see it directly ahead. but now i can see it the same as the poster above... luckily i still have the server crosshair to aim by. Any idea what would be causing this issue?

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