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  1. Amazing -- turn around in under 12hrs - -WOW --impressed -- the colour choice is definately better than the red -- thanks al lot --
  2. Firstly, thank you for your time -- this is my very first stab at this...but I am not wholely unfamiliar with your good work -- that said. I am Red Green Colourblind -- and yes I know that the game has a "colour blind setting" -- which sucks -- what I really need and would like to know if it's even possible is the ability to change the enemy colour from red to blue -- or even better yellow -- like you can in WoTanks --on the mini map. I tend to rely on the mini map a lot and when the red ship enters the red capture base or is on the edge of an island it disappears -- can't tell you how many times I have sailed right across a dd in plain sight to everyone except me... Again thanks Scott