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  1. Jack_Ice

    Das Boot

    so I just found this and I want to know if this is something we can have on Aslain mods or is it there already and I have not seen it? Thank you Master Aslain :salute:
  2. Jack_Ice

    Historical Naval Ensigns

    did they have also Russian Naval Flag and UK Naval flags, if so I remember them. used them all the time until they disappeared
  3. Jack_Ice

    Game crashing on 16.15

    having same issues with the mods now, had to uninstall them so I could play with my friends, don't have too much time to play, just weekends sad face I love my historical ships skin and flags plus few other mods
  4. Jack_Ice


    one of my favorite mods this plus historical ship skins, history is there no matter what,

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