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  1. I miss the German flags

    I just want to assist in letting you know how I get it to work for me, and now I tried a clean install again, this time I put the file on purpose in DL_cache and I do not chose any flag mod from the modinstaller, I just want to help.. after seeing Aslain reply I now know what I have been doing wrong. sorry for the confusion! my Bad having a mod in Custom_mods and trying to pick another flag mod fucked it up for me and confused me, So Sorry
  2. I miss the German flags

    yes but I did it wrong in the end and put it in DL_cache and it works. Just now did a clean install on my mods, I just wanted to help I might be doing everything wrong, but this is how it is now after clean install,
  3. I miss the German flags

    ok so I tried the "historical proportion flags" seen here pic 1 and results are pic 2 deleted that from DL_cache and put the 7z Aslain moded here and then all the flags came out fine pic 3 bug?
  4. I miss the German flags

    ahh ok, this is why people like me need people like you, Mods way out of my skills
  5. I miss the German flags

    Aslain I just did Thank you so much as soon as I see a new WoWs update first thing I do is come here to wait for a update from your mods, I do not enjoy the game anymore other vise. Thank you all on Aslain team
  6. I miss the German flags

    Thank you, I tried to change the numbers to match, then started mod installer and this(picture) is what I see now I have my historical flags as I love them, so Thank You to all moders
  7. I miss the German flags

    so after this last hot fix patch, can I use this same file again if I change the number to match the current patch number I wish I knew how to mod
  8. I miss the German flags

    Thank you Aslain! You're a Gentleman and a Scholar
  9. I miss the German flags

    here is the 7.2 of the MR historical flags Master Aslain updated to [Major][V.2] Japan+Germany Naval Flag http://www.mediafire.com/file/9odvrlaivtz69o7/%5BMajor%5D%5BV.2%5D_Japan_Germany_Naval_Flag_0. Tried to add it to the Aslain_Modpack/DL_cache folder but I still can't get it to work, that is why I love your Aslain installer
  10. Das Boot

    so I just found this and I want to know if this is something we can have on Aslain mods or is it there already and I have not seen it? Thank you Master Aslain :salute:
  11. I miss the German flags

    this is the file I downloaded from MR it says it's for https://majorrenegademods.tumblr.com/ [Major][V.2] Japan+Germany Naval Flag http://www.mediafire.com/file/ajhfz7db1ku6k3s/%5BMajor%5D%5BV.2%5D_Japan_Germany_Naval_Flag_0. or do you need newer version? [Major][V.2] Japan Germany Naval Flag
  12. I miss the German flags

    Thank you Aslain for your hard work, I do understand that you have to follow the rules of WG, we don't want them to ban all mods to punish modders, so as I prefer Historycal ship skin and flags I got the flag mod from MR but I'm shit with adding them that is why I came to you and your intaller, now I'm handicapped when it comes to mods will try to do it as you described. I failed it did not work for me
  13. hehe I feel you. Miss those mods, only mods I think is worth something and only reason I use mods, now I only have IJN flag but WG can't ban me for using that flag as it is used still to the day just like the USA flag
  14. I want those mods too but we really can't say this game is "historical game" WG pretends to be... I really hope I can get historical ships skins
  15. does it mean we will get Historical camo and flag again soon?
  16. Where can I get this mod for 7.1? plz only mod I look for other then this is IJN and Krigsmarine flag mod
  17. Historical Naval Ensigns

    did they have also Russian Naval Flag and UK Naval flags, if so I remember them. used them all the time until they disappeared
  18. I want my Historical skin and flags IJN and Kriegsmarine and since it does not change how others see my ship skin and flag mod I use, I feel WG should just keep their hands off this and specially knowing that IJN still uses the Rising Sun flag on their Navy, WG let me have my mods no player other then me can see it, it gives only cosmetic look for mod user and not to anyone alse
  19. Game crashing on 16.15

    having same issues with the mods now, had to uninstall them so I could play with my friends, don't have too much time to play, just weekends sad face I love my historical ships skin and flags plus few other mods
  20. Flags...

    one of my favorite mods this plus historical ship skins, history is there no matter what,