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  1. GeneralGonzo


    The question has already been asked. I think only the mod-developer or a person that speaks russian, can do this for us.
  2. GeneralGonzo

    customizable smoke-duration-counter

    There are two separate smoke counter mods in the pack. Which one do you have? If you got the one by MasaruKondera, please read the description. My Post from Sunday was about the other one (Alt Hud).
  3. GeneralGonzo

    customizable smoke-duration-counter

    To let everyone know: The smoke counter (Alt hud) works fine with my keybindings. It seems like this mod doesn't depends on a specific keyboard layout. And last but not least, thank you Aslain for including it to your modpack.
  4. GeneralGonzo

    minimap and some other HUD/GUI elements are missing

    No he isn't using a triple monitor setup and you were right. After he deactivated this setting, all HUD elements showed up again and were in the correct position. Thanks a lot Quaksen
  5. Hello everyone, a friend if mine just installed the WoWS modpack and has the problem, that the minimap and some other HUD/GUI elements (e.g. the compass) are not showing up. We soon ended our play session and i forgot the to ask him for screenshots. However i still got his log file. He tried reinstalling the minimap with shipnames a second time, just to be sure, but the issue persists. The client was running at the moment but he restartet the game afterwards. Which mods are causing this behaviour and are incompatible to each other? _Aslain_logs.zip
  6. GeneralGonzo

    Clan message Channel issue .

    That sounds like the usual chat bug. It's in the game since i started playing the WoWS open beta. The problem occurs in all of the official chat-channels ingame. A Community Coordinator once said, that WG wants it that way. Every now and then the chat-history will be erased to save bandwidth etc. IMHO WG thinks that this minor bug isn't worth to get fixed. funfact: the chat used in WOT doesn't behave like this, cause it's build on a different backend.
  7. GeneralGonzo

    Can't buy new slot in carousel in port

    Aslain is right. You need to activate a filter.
  8. GeneralGonzo

    fog remover doesn't work

    Yep, no fog didn't worked there. And a third map. Problem: fog remover doesn't work <> anti-glare Starttime: 12.02.2017 23:31 Ship: Baltimore Map: Hotspot Screenshots python.log _Aslain_logs.zip Edit: Sorry didn't expected #06 that fast. o.O Will check it out. thx again
  9. GeneralGonzo

    fog remover doesn't work

    Problem: fog remover <> anti-glare Starttime: 12.02.2017 21:02 Ship: Belfast Map: Northern Lights (North Winter) Screenshots _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  10. GeneralGonzo

    fog remover doesn't work

    Just saw that you already fixed the issue with the update #4. That was super fast. ty Aslain
  11. GeneralGonzo

    WoWs 0.5.16.x Infinite loading bug

    I haven't encountered the bug since 0.6.0 Will let you know, when it happens again.
  12. GeneralGonzo

    fog remover doesn't work

    - Update - Looks like the fog remover is working with most of the maps. So far, i only had the issue on "Fault Line". I think we just have to wait for a newer version of the mod.
  13. GeneralGonzo

    fog remover doesn't work

    Is it just me or is the fog remover didn't working? I can provide logs, screenshots and/or replays if necessary.
  14. GeneralGonzo

    customizable smoke-duration-counter

    I will test it, when (if) i start playing again.

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