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  1. Corwin


    A lot of players go into settings and Remap our keys to fit our play style and keyboard usage.. example for me I use the W S A D to drive and remapped my T key to E to mark enemy tanks so less hand movement set most keys i never use too stuff that is never near my main control hand.. as for my Mouse like Aslain my mouse movements are very small and precise.. best advice play with your Key settings until you find something that works for you.. the odds that one of our setups working for you would be very small chance..
  2. Corwin

    Tank win rate

    I am noticing that XVM is not showing the correct win rate on my tanks Example I have a tank with a 60% win rate xvm is showing it at 54% and i update my stats daily at xvm and update my mod pack is there a setting i need to look at when i am updating and reinstalling mods with the installer the stats show correctly in the garage but not in battle
  3. Maybe this idea will work... like with most code if you comment out a line it doesn't show or Work what about the possibilty of comment out the Auto install for the mods greyed out so they do not trigger for the install? Just a Thought
  4. Corwin

    XVM not displaying stats correctly

    See Post inthis section on how to fix
  5. ok for those woith the XVM showing personal Rating go to http://www.modxvm.com/ log in then click settings at the bottom you will see WGR WN8 WN6 EFF xTE click the WN8 box close settigns update stats on XVM site during this point make sure your WOT is closed before you update stats then log back in to WOT should fix issue
  6. Corwin

    Changing statistic type

    See Post in Bug/ report area
  7. Corwin

    twitch mod

    Thanks for the replay Aslain, and thank you for all the hard work you put in on the mod pack..
  8. Corwin

    twitch mod

    are yu going to put the twitch Mod back in the installer.. or add the WG twitch mod?
  9. I have used both of those and have had no issues with personal mission showing up
  10. go to modxvm.com log in and activate/renew xvm click setting and check that any thing you want is turned on.. then log in to your game xvm should work
  11. 8 is the average tier played 14K is the number of battles the player has 2278 is there wn8 55% is there over all win rate 8H is hours in that tank 56% is that tanks win rate 1.2 is there damage/destruction ratio
  12. Corwin

    SAFE SHOT? Safe for the bad guys lol

    Safeshot will also stop your shot if there is a dead tank in your line of fire.. or if a teammate move in too it
  13. Corwin


    I have noticed a Lag/freeze on Zoom out i turned off mods known to cause most issues IE White tanks WOT tweak and a few others was still noting this happening so went through all mods 1 at a time got too zoom i run at 60X when i lowered it to 30% or less the lag/freeze stopped on zoom out.. even at 16X and 30X when zoomed it is choppy.. i noticed this in the last 2 or 3 mod updates

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