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  1. xkoushik

    illegal Mods ?

    Thanks for confirming i will enable training room and replays right away
  2. xkoushik

    illegal Mods ?

    all im asking is can aslains modpack get me banned in anyway and no i aint from S. Korea
  3. xkoushik

    illegal Mods ?

    what about rest of the mods like ship direction indicator, ship movement indicator? any idea if they can get us banned?
  4. only reshade? WG also said replay enabled or training room can also get players banned. Is the rest of the aslain's mods illegal as well? in fear i have removed all the mods :/
  5. xkoushik

    illegal Mods ?

    Reshade is causing issues and WG said training room and replay enabled might also get players banned. Is the rest of the mods illegal now as well?
  6. yeah i usually install a couple of mods like running lights direction indicator and stuff but since the last update once mod is installed im stuck in loading screen cant proceed any further.. IDEK which mod is causing the problem previously it didnt occur tho

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